Thursday 26 May 2016

Dreads and SEX?!

Dreadlocks in the bedroom?

Interview with world's longest dreadlocks:

So this is a different one, and I’m going to try to be super serious throughout… yea, good luck with that. So I can only talk about this from my perspective… as otherwise this is gonna get real weird, real fast, but in my experience they’re sometimes annoying, but generally not too bad. Like, if they’re at a problematic length where you can’t control them, then they’re gonna bug you, but generally dreadlocks, once they’re long enough can be sorted out fairly quickly and easily, even if it’s just tying them back with themselves - and I’d say you’re probably gonna want to tie them back in some way as… no one wants to get in hit in the face with dreads… or, I don’t know… maybe some people do?

I’d say that if they were too long they’d probably be kind of awkward too… but I’ve seen an “interesting” interview with the woman who has the longest dreads in the world and she was asked the same question… in fact, I’ll link to that video in the description below and you can check it out for yourselves.

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  1. lol that video was funny! More for your reaction than the question or answer. :)