Saturday 3 August 2013

Lazy Dreads Links

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  1. Do you have an email? I have a really really important question!

    1. Hej Emily, fick du svar? Jag skulle också vilja fråga honom något

  2. Hey im starting new dread with the twist n rip way doing it my self and im finding out theres like gaps between the knots not all of them have this so how do i fix this cuz they are knoted up and i dont like gaps.please email me at thanks

  3. Hey I just got my dreads done yesterday I read everything u had here I just whant to make sure on something I have very small dreads and I was wondering if they be ok to let them alone and no maintenance with wax and stuff all natural they will be fine and I don't need to watch the roots and stuff and they will still dread right I'm just worried that they won't take and turn into dreads if I let them be

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