Saturday 3 August 2013

Dreadlocks Q&A

1) fabjewlous - My dreadlocks are kinda damaged, is there a moisturizing shampoo that doesn't cause residue?

2) ATM5950 - why do dreadlocks dread? 

3) ThePaceVlog - Well we can all see that u didnt start your dreadlock updates right from the start,,, but do you have an photo's you can show us of your dreadlocks at an earlier stage? :) maybe like a year in or so?

4) r1234233 - what do dreadlocks mean to you??

5) RawBohemian - When my dreads are too long I want to trim them, is there any specific way to go about that?
1) ATM5950 - why do ppl have dreadlocks? 

2) Takiado - How would getting dreads effect getting a job or holding a job?

3) blaze burton - What are your thoughts on knot locking?

4) EverythingDrakonfly - Is there any way to make the white "bulbs/follicles" to disappear. I jave dark hair, and they look like, well, they just look bad,lol.

5) mondbearchen - How long did/do you have to wait for 'mature dreads'? (in general)

And, were / are your dreads scratchy?

I once posted this question after having watched another dreadhead's video and was told that they are just a little scratchy at the beginning and / or at the extensions and that they after some time would rather be 'fluffy'...

What is your experience with it?
1) ATM5950 - why aren't my dreadlocks soft?

2) brianpremo - Ok, so nothing in this life is 100% perfect..Since you've had dreads for so long I was wondering what, in your personal experience - would you say are the less desirable things about having dreadlocks?

3) Hydroviolet - I have a question. My dreads are about a month old and aside from initial rip and tear I've left them to their own devices and love them. I wash them once a week. I swim in the sea a lot in the summer and I'm worried about mould forming. If I get them wet in the sea, then squeeze them and stay in the sun, do you think they'll be ok? I'm not sure whether the salt will cause problems or not.

4) Kena Brown - Where and what and whatever was the moment you decided that your going to have dreadlocks, where and why did you decide

5) poeyiis -What are your thoughts on peoples dreadlocks that are regularly maintained creating a uniform dreadlock look with all blunted tips?
1) LilyAriel3123 - Does the type of hair you have effect what sort of dreads you should get? If so, how? Why? How do you know what type of gait you have? How do you determine the best way to separate your locs to an appropriate size?

2) Zerjax - Question: I've noticed after washing my hair it has a wet dog smell but once dry it smells wonderful. Should I worry? I never go to bed with wet hair and use the soap bars from dreadlocksite.

3) RollingStone91 - Helloooo :) how many dreadlocks do you have? Also... When natural dreads are forming what's the best way to try and separate the roots a bit? I don't mind a few condos but I have a biggie on the side of my head just above the ear forming and it's getting outta controooool! (: thanksssss

4) 737jen - What are your thoughts on palm rolling? Does it help, or hinder the locking process of baby dreads?

5) littlerooster99 - how do you get rid of lumps and flat dreads to make them round ?
Hey, how long would you say your hair should be to begin dreading? - Sarah

question? (yeah!!!! thanks for answering and you are a cool dude sorry for the deep question lol) what sort of bands/guitarists do you like?

Lenore Osorio 
hey my dreads are 2 yrs an 3 months old I don't do any thing to them but should I maintain the roots??or do anything to them they are lockek but not all the way to root your dreads are beautiful!!an do you do anything to yhem???

 Kena Brown 
Hi again. I've had my dreads for 1year&1month YAY! and I've added wool dreads to the end of my dreadlocks because I wanted them longer (You can prob see them in my tumbnail there're white) This is alright isnt it? Am I going to get mold etc?- Kenaa!

 mikki harris 
question: your dreads are pretty long and thick, do they ever weigh you down or hurt your neck? Some people say there dreads make their neck and back hurt and some people don't even mention it. And by the way Im obsessed with your dreads, they're perfect
Hi :) I know you probably don't have to worry about lumps and bumps and flattish dreads... Do you have any tips on how to make young dreads more shapely? 

My dreads are 2 months old. Some have half inch or one inch sections in the middle of the dreadlock that have simply not dreaded. Instead, there will be a large unknotted loop or straight, soft hair. I'm conserned that the dreaded hair on both sides of the gaps are keeping the hair still so it can't lock. Do you have any advice or will these gaps fill themselves in time? Thank you! :D

question?? do you think that you'll ever cut your dreads

QUESTION: Have you had any trouble with dandruff with dreads, and/or what advice do you have to manage or get rid of it? Thanks!!

Marie Faeth:
ive seen people put synthetic hair added as an extension? what are your thoughts about that? the cons
Question!! I just started the neglect dreads last week & I was wondering since I have short thick hair (about to my neck/shoulders) is it alright to put my hair up with a rubber band? I hate the hair in my face as I have Trichatellamania, and pull at it quite frankly. And also, I wear a slouch beanie like seriously 24/7, so should I actually avoid wearing my beanie right now since they are just beginning? Or no rubberband but beanie is ok? What's the most prefered thing to do?

R. M. 
Question: Do you recommend a technique for keeping young dreads from flattening? Your videos have been the most helpful to me in assisting my 9 year old son on his dreadlock journey! Thank you!

Question from Chrissy W.: My dreads are 1yr 3m, I have a lot of little clumps of loose hair scattered around that are too small the make into real dreads. Question is, Will my hair tidy itself up eventually? I'm terrible in the mirror, if I try to do any kind of root maintenance I just get cross-eyed and give up.

QUESTION: my dreadlocks are at 1 year in a month.. you think they will congo ?

Question- how long do think hair should be before dreading it I.e back combing etc
QUESTION: this is my second time starting my dreads they are actually maturing alil faster sense I did it my myself I don't put regular bees wax I use Jamaican mango and lime resistant formula lock gel/wax don't use it very often and use the dry shampoo you spray on but my question is on some of my locks half is smooth and the ends are natty do I just let them do they own thing or is there something to he'll out????

Fatima Chavz 
Question: I have thin dreads but i would like them to be a little more thicker, is there something i can do? i heard that time make them thicker but i don´t know if is true.

Martim Tavares 
Question: I started my dreads 3 months and a couple weeks ago and they are not joining in the routes so i dont have to rip them apart, I havent sectioned my dreads so is that a sign that they are not dreading?

Question: if you have any photos of your dreads when you first got them could you show them in the next Q&A video

Fatima Chavz 
Question: My dreads are only two month old and they are fine but my tips always undread when I wash my hair, what can I do?
Fatima Chavz:
Question: My dreads are only two month old and they are fine but my tips always undread when I wash my hair, what can I do?

Lindsey Mew:
Question: I use Dr.Bronners castile soap and I can't fight off the residue! It's the only soap I'm able to use because of skin allergies (I've tried a couple dread shampoos and they gave me hives) but it's not working for my 6 month old dreads. I use a few drops to 20oz water and dump it on my head then spend 3-something minutes washing it out. But after all this washing and drying my freshly cleaned dreads leave my hands gross and residue-y. What can you say about this? I don't know what to do.

Nicole Whittle:
Question: i have baby dreads, almost 3 months old now, i am trying to let them get on with locking up but they seem really loose, and i feel like they are going to come apart, i don't want to crochet them as i've heard it does more harm than good, is there anything i can do to help them along or will they get better with time? Thanks x

I've been trying to find a recipe for a scented mist for my dreads. Like a dread perfume that isn't going to turn all Moldy or turn into a stink rather than a scent. So far I've been doing Orange Essential Oils (a few drops) into a squirt bottle of light sea salt water. Simple enough. But do you have any methods or ideas for delicious smelling dreads?? Thanks!! ---Jesika

Question: have you ever listened to The Cat Empire? They're an awesome funk/jazz/ska group out of Melbourne, Australia I discovered on Spotify recently.

Scales Yo 
Question!!: I'm thinking about starting neglect dreads, do you have any specific advise for that method? I have soft straight hair and it's only about 6 inches long at its longest layer. Any advice would be lovely, thank you! Much love, xo

Ralf Florian 
Question: I have afro growing hair, but im black and asian. This makes my hair have a weird texture (kinda soft but thick). I was wondering if this would play a role in sectioning.

QUESTION - what should I do for very dry dreads? I have done the deep cleanse and used apple cider vinegar. And it is soft only for that day. So my dreads are very dry and I'm worried about breakage.

Anu Kookla 
QUESTION: What is the best way to get sand out of dreads? I went to the beach and now there is sand in my dreads and on my scalp.

Question: what method of starting dreads is the best in your opinion backcomb, twist and rip or neglect and why? P.s thanks for the reply love your videos

T Dougie 
Question: How do you get blunted tips to lock up. They keep falling apart.

Question: my dreads are 10-11 months old and very loopy :) I don't mind the loops but some dreads seem i have sections in the middle (halfway down) where the hair doesn't seem to be dreaded but has dreaded hair below and above, will my dreads sort themselves out over time? :) thanks - SketchGTX

question: my dreads have tightened toward the base but the rest of the length is just fluffy, any suggestions?

*Question*Hi! I watched all of your videos so this wouldn't be a repeat. My dreads are super young (only 17 days or so). I always thought my hair was a bit thick but now that I have dreads they are kind of sparse. Which leads to my problem/question. I can see my section lines. Do dreadlocks eventually get thicker leading to hiding the lines and/or add volume? I've done some research on this and haven't found any real answer to it. Thanks :-)-Karin

Nama Steph 
Hi! I asked this same question on an older vid of yours, sorry if I'm annoying. I only have one dread my friend put in 2mnths ago. Of course its surrounded by my loose hair. It's been difficult keeping my loose normal hair from growing into it. What do you suggest I do to keep my dread from taking over my whole head? Thanks!
B Jibs 
ive had my dreads for about 12 months now, and i just wanted to know will they ever grow longer?? it seems they are getting shorter?
also the top of my head gets crazzy itchy, but does not flake. it just itches like mad and the skin is very pink. i currently use T-gel shampoo twice a week, and ACV rinse every month...any tips would be the best - thanks so much, cheers

QUESTION! I seemed twist and rip my dreads a little to tightly and they are very they ( around and inch) but the majority of them are small. My questions is as they mayure and tighen will I be in danger of my dreads breaking. I dont crochet hook or palm rolling as they are tihht enough. I wont brush them out and srat over

Question: Hello! Im thinking about starting dreadlocks! Im just wondering what condition should i have my hair in before starting them for the twist and rip method? Thank you!

Jessica Thompson
QUESTION: How do you take care of your dreads after swimming with them in a pool, lake, or ocean? (I doubt I would soak them in a hot tub because those are gross to begin with.) I like to exercise in the water and I want to know if I were to swim every day and get them wet in either a pool, lake, or ocean, what would you recommend other than making sure they dry completely? My ends are not blunted, they are wispy so the water runs right out of them and they take little time to dry.

Question: When I lay down at night my dreads kind of itch at my scalp a lot and I find I need to push them all around until I find a spot where they don't bug me. Any tips for that?
itzel hernandez 
Question: were your parents always fond of your dreads? If not, how did you convince them to like them? Or did they just get used to it? Because my parents think my dreads are disgusting and that I should take them out. They are bearly 1 in half months so they look like complete shit at this stage. But ever since I got them they've been nagging that they look ugly and that the dreads are taking away my sanity (which they are not), but yeah, I'm no way in hell going to take them out. anyways, whats your take on this and opinion on a situation like this?

question:does loose fringe hair annoy you I have a bit and I tried wraping it round the dread its closed too but it never seems to wanna stay have you ne other tips for this kind regards

Antonín Dach 
Question: Hi, :) I have young dreadlock, and after every wash up, they tend to grow together, I mean really much :D, I have to seperate them every time and I fear it damages the roots :/ shall I do somthing?

Question. Thoughts on using hairspray to keep young dreads "less loose/tight"?

Question: Have you ever had dreams about your dreadlocks? If so, what of?
Question: Hello Mr. Lazy Dreads! I've watched all of your videos and you have been a great help to me in my dread journey so far. My dreads are fairly young (2-3 months) so are beginning to lock and some not so much. Do you think my dreads are mature enough to give them a deep cleanse?? Thank-You

Question-i have 5 week old dreads and they seriously look like my normal hair. You can feel the knots in them but from a distance it looks like regular hair. Is this normal? Thanks.

Question: I have very young dreads just 2 weeks old and there is around 4 inches of not knotted/dreaded hair between my scalp and where the dread starts. I used the twist and rip method and had around 14 inches of very curly and fairly thick hair. Just wondering if this is a normal length between the scalp and the dread,even for being so early on.

Antonín Dach 
Question: I have young small dreads and I fear about pulling them apart when they want to grow together at the roots, cause it breaks my hair and small dreads dont have much to spare(hair) :/

Loki LaVay 
*!QUESTION!* Is there a way to get the smell of smoke out of my hair i wash my hair all the time and no matter what kind of shampoo i use it still smells like smoke *sigh* please help me smell pretty again thank you P.S. love you videos watch them every time you upload :) cheers
Knotty Braydz 
Question: Answer in your next Q and A! ;) I thought my dreads were tight, why are they feeling looser lately??!!

Joe S 
Question: Is it better to start neglect method dreads when your hair is fairly short, or should someone wait until their hair is on the longer side

Josefine Berggren
Question: Both me and my boyfriend started dreads about 6 months ago, mine are doing really well but he's getting a bit of lint near some of the roots, can I help him to remove it? and how does he prevent it?
Also I would just like to thank you for posting all these videos, they've really helped me a lot.

Jonas Hägg 
question: Heey! I've still pretty young dreads and their becomes very loose when im swimming and stuff but I'm trying not to worry about that. To my qustion then, usually I sleep om my back and im moving around a lot while sleeping so my dreads in the back of my head has started loopinh and become really short what should I do about thiis? I've tried sleeping on mi side but I always waking up on my back. Peace out

Question: Is it dangerous to wear beads ?

Brandon Diebold 
QUESTION - whats your take on hot tubs/pools? (another one, at some point maybe,

Lenore Osorio 
question,,, my dreads just turned 2 yrs old today ,I recentally bought a dread sox is that ok to wear to bed,i use it to keep lint out an the frizz down,,thanks!!

Grace Cruz 
Question when you have dreads from straight and the hair starts to grown out. How do you loc the hair that is growing out?

what about doing dreads over time ex: add another dread every few months at a festival)

Ells Bells
Question: Would I get in trouble at school for having dreadlocks?

Happy Hippie
Question:Hi Chris! I know some people actually sew their dreadlocks with cotton thread to give them a more uniform "neater" look. Personally I don't think it's a good idea, but what is your thoughts on this? Thanks, Anna.

Question!! I live near a beach and I'm considering doing my first wash of my dreads in the sea as I've heard the salt water will help the locking process. Do you think the salt water will help much in the very early stages?

T Dougie
Question: Do you have any knowledge or tips about how to help dreads grow faster?

Yo Momma
Question: Hi I`m planning on getting dreads very soon and people have been saying that you get attention from the public so if you get dreads, how often is attention from passers-by to be expected? And is it more positive than negative or the other way round, and how bad is the negativity towards then? Thanks very much :)

Dewy Tyler Gordon
How do you go about separating congas, the nape of my neck or my tails have all three started to lock at the base, and id perfer it wasnt so but its too locked to just rip it apart..

Ryan tay
 Question????? I have some small dreads that I would like to put together, how do I go about doing that??

 QUESTION: What should you do when you've got dreadlocks and become infected with nits??

 Question: i have had my dreads for about a week now and I'm having a problem with my dreads in the back of my head. my dreads are about six inches. They are not wanting to stay locked. I did the twist and rip method because I feel like it's the most natural besides neglect. If you have any advice on keeping them locked that would be great

Jonas Hägg
 Question: I've neglected dreads and I wonder how your "dreamddreads" would look like if you know what I mean and since all dreads are different which are the coolest dreads you've spotted?

OnlyMy Own Voice
Is it actually necessary to do dread lock maintenance (pull the loose hair in with loose hair tools/palm roll etc) with new dreads - Or can I get amazing thick, rounded dreads by simply separating & properly washing/drying them? It seems like the tools seem to give an immediate smooth looking result. However, it seems to create more loose hairs & soft spots in the long run than areas I just left to their own devices. What's your experience on maintenance tools?

Aaron Rosselet
 QUESTION: please, tell me what i can do about dandruff. I use dr. bronners and id like to keep everything i put in my hair natural. so please tell me something to fix this. its really gross : (

 Question: are beanies and other hats etc problematic for dreads?

 Question: Would you recommend putting rubber bands/beads at the tips of new dreads (about a month old) to stop them falling out? Every time I wash my hair I get about two inches of paintbrush tips. Also, could you suggest a few good shampoos easily available from Supermarkets/online or suchlike? Cheers Squire, your vids are epic. X

TheManWithThe Hat
 Question: how much slower do dreadlocks grow than normal hair? My dreads are about 7 months old and starting to look really nice, but right now they are only around seven inches right now. When will they be twelve or so inches? I want longer locks! Love your vids man//"Sir" Niklas Themanwiththehat Nieminen

Ilja Hallink
 If you wouldn't have cut your dreads, ever, how long do you think they'd be by now ?

Kristan Robinson
Question: what are your thoughts on rubberbands? I've noticed that you never really mention them. My dreads are about 3 months old, backcombed and twist n ripped. When I started my dreads I used them in the ends to keep knots from slidding out of the bottom of my dreads, but now I just twist n rip when I think the ends are falling out. I continue to use them in some places at my roots to keep my hair from "webbing" and joining to other dreads.

Question: what are you comments/opinions on life with dreads as it pertains to social situations, and circumventing any judgements or complications with having dreads, i feel that having dreads would lead to problems, how have you personally dealt with things like formal events, jobs, and other things of the sort. I am aware you have commented briefly on jobs but it was not to informative. thanks i really like your dreads and videos please keep doing things this way!

keevin huey
QUESTION: hello lazy dreads your dreads are dope! But anyway I just want to ask is it normal for twist and ripped dreads to separate at the roots and is it ok to to back comb them when this happens?

Dalton Burrow
Question: what do you think about crochet needles?


Sir-Niklas Themanwiththehat-Mansonfan Themadhatter Nieminen
Your Dreads seem a bit tidier and better looking over all nowadays than when you started doing Lazydreads videos, how come? Or is it just me?

Neil DreadDoctor Donovan
My dreads were started very well by a friend and ever since I have worked on them to make them almost perfectly cylindrical and uniform, now I have past my year mark I'm now taking the more natural neglect route for the next year. My question to you Mr Lazy is that if you started your journey as I did what would be your thoughts on going from perfecting them so much with a crochet to letting natural dreadlocks form?? Peace and Love my friend

Emmy CatMilk Way
Hey Christian, this might be an odd question, but I figure I'd ask you.
I just dreaded up my bangs last week, and as of right now I have a basic middle part. When my dreads mature more and get longer in that area will I be able to flip them over and part my hair to the side sometimes? I tried it the other day and they didn't seem to want to stay, but I attribute that to the root being loose and their length as of now.
Hope you understand what I'm trying to ask!

Samantha Frock
Ok here is my question...I have spots in my dreads that r not dreaded and the rest seems locked around it...should I worry
Greg Showen im 2 months into dreads and everytime I wash them they fall apart what should I do
Dewy Tyler Gordon I too have this problem^^^^^^^, like locked halfway then an inch or two or so that doesnt feel locked really more like curled hair, then back to locked..

Chelsie Dyck I was told you shouldn't wash new dreads for about a month or 2.. Or do I just wash them right away. I'm on my second batch of dread trying to do it right this time. 

Haris Raggamuffin Ahmetovic
Where are your roots from im mean like family not dreads well dujhhh

Ashley Quimby
Question: I live in a wet area (pacific northwest) and am worried about getting constantly moisture in my dreads. Would constant blow drying be damaging or is prevention of mold more important? Thanks!

Question: Hey Chris, I started my dreads about 2 months ago and towards the end of pretty much every dread, I get obvious curls. I was wondering if I just let them go, will they naturally de-curl, or should I do something about it? These curls are probably due to me being half black and half white, so I have curly hair that is a mix of kinky African hair and straight Caucasian hair. thx

QUESTION: Hey, I love your videos, they are super helpful. my dreads have very odd shaped sections which are causing some of them to grow slightly squashed and flat. is there any way I can reorganise them so they they are not so flat? is there anything I can do apart from wet palm rolling to make them rounder?

Lauren Thompson
Question: I'm starting my dreads next week with th backcombing and crochet method. I have been having a lot of hair regrowth lately after increasing my protein and vitamin intake. Will those new baby hairs easily get knotted in with my dreads later on, or will I be left with a lot of extra undreaded hair around my dreads? Thanks.

kyle innes
Question, what do you think of useing aloe Vera/aloe Vera gel for frizz? It's it just like other prodtucs or does it work

Greg Showen 
Is it true that cannabis ashes tighten dreadlocks? I've never tried it but ive had people ask me if I use it to help them

Ken Tremain
Question I have read that you should cut Dreads with a razor blade. I have also seen a guy with flat tips (presumably from cutting with scissors) and I didn't like the looks. How do you cut Your Dreads?

QUESTION: hey man, im letting my dreads be natural, but i just dunno what to say when people tell me "dude your dreads are comming out!" i was wondering if you know how to answer that without having to go through a long explanation. Thanks. Peace.

coby ray
QUESTION: Im thinking of putting bleach In my dreads, some people think they will be likely to snap. whats your take on bleaching dreadlocks?

Liz Sherlock
QUESTION: would you ever get rid of your dreadlocks?

Tyler Wilkinson 
How do you know if you have moldy dreads

QUESTION: Do you think it's a smart idea to start dreads in the winter rather than summer so that you wont have to deal with your loose hair and roots getting sweaty and looking disgusting since it will be cold outside?

QUESTION: Have you ever got your dreads caught on or in something and what was the strangest thing they get caught on or in ?

Question: My Dreads are standing up,do you know when they will start hanging down,or anything i can do? THANK YOU

Meep Moop
QUESTION: My boyfriend has had his dreadlocks for almost a year now and he has always had quite bad dandruff, and he's worried about them getting into the dread, hes trying tea tree oil and other stuff but none of it is working very well, would you say having dandruff is really bad for the locking up process? or wont it make any difference? Cheers

Dylan Funk
Do you ever get tired of doing all of these videos? Or do you just enjoy helping people on their dreadlock journey so much that it never gets old?

Ellie Louise
Question: I used twist and rip to dread my hair a few months ago, but felt pressured by friends and family to take them out :( I haven't used conditioner since then and only wash my hair with a bicarbonate of soda concoction. My hair tends to naturally clump together as it is fairly curly... If I palm-roll these clumps, will they eventually turn into dreads? :)

Question: Can you tell me more about real hair extensions, care and how they affect the dreading process of new dreads? Example: If I choose to use them, will I still go through the loop stage etc? ( I have 1 week old dreads T/R method.) Started with layered hair and considering them to even out length. They are doing great!

Knotty Braydz
QUESTION: Okay, my dreads are 7 months old, and ive been blunting all my tips like everyday so theyre nice and neat. But i decided to go all natural and just stop all that nonsense, so will it look different then neglect dreads from the start, or....?

Question: I've heard that baking soda is bad to your hair if you use it too much... how often do you recommend doing a deep clean? I do a deep clean once every two weeks, do you think i should cut down on the number of washes?

Ryan Miele
how to partially brush out a dread to split it in two?

skier rjc
Question: I am would like to get dreadlocks but spend a lot of time in a helmet as I play a lot of sports. Would the helmet hurt the dreadlocks? Specifically the new young dreads?

Question: Do you have any split ends? Like, if you look closely at your dreads, can you see the white tips on each strand of hair?

Pollo Claxton
Question : I've been considering getting dreads but I play a lot of sports. A slow week is about three times a week. So I was just wondering how I would cope with having to dry it after every game. Thanks.

Dalton Burrow
QUESTION: my dreads are 1 1/2 years old and I have been shaping my dreads ends with a crochet needle to be blunted over and over, i have curly hair and it curls up after every wash and I have to reshape them with my needle, will my ends ever lock up?

Kassandra Jo Davila
well I'm looking for a job, and I'm planning on getting my dreads back hopefully soon. is there a way that i can help my future employer see that the stereotype toward dreads is wrong?

Sean Ford
QUESTION. I live in Florida (the states) and I know that swimming in the ocean is great for helping lock up dreads as it rinses oils out and such. I have yet to do this sense my dreads are only a month old and not quite ready for that much water but, my question is after you get out of the ocean how long should you let the salt water stay in your locks before washing them out seeing as ocean water is dirty with fish pee and other randomness? At what point is Sean Fordthe salt water no longer doing its job and just being fishy?

Knotty Knative
Question: I have recently started my dreads using the "Interlocking" method (I tried twice before with the backcombing method and wasn't happy with the looseness). Now they are firmly together but was wondering if its ok to not go back for another interlocking session to upkeep and just let them grow out naturally from now on? I have heard horror stories about dreads falling off due to this etc....Yakoke (thank you)

Question: do you ever have dreams that someone takes your dreads out?? weird I know, But I have them all the time,lol. Just curious.

QUESTION: When it's time to split the dreads so they don't grow together, the roots end up looking quite crazy and all over the place. Is there any maintenance you would recommend to stay on top of that mess?

Madison Groves
You single?

Nikki B
QUESTION: do you ever where your hair up in a bun or pony tail? Can we see your hair done up?

Dynamo Dank
QUESTION: sorry if I missed this in any of your other videos but my dreads are close to being a month old. I did them myself without any experience (only research) and some of the first dreads I did have no base dread and have loops. Is there any way I can fix this.? Thank you.!

Mels Chels
Question: my dreads are almost a year old and have shrunk significantly, they got from middle of my back to chin length. now they are fat on the bottom and growing out thinner on top. is this normal? Will they eventually be all the same width throughout?

Question... Yesterday I decorated my dreads with recycled glass beads and I am wanting to know if it would be okay for me to wash my dreads and let them dry while keeping the beads on my dreads. I don't want to take the beads off, but my concern is that my dreads might start to rot if the hair under the bead is unable to dry properly. Should I always take them off before I wash my dreads and wait to put them back on until they are dry?

Melissaa Patrickk
How do you get rid of lose hairs in your scalp and or locks without using any type of hook or needle?

question. hey man I am getting a frost like look at the tips of my dreads, I was wondering if there is any type of remedy for this? I am using dreadhead hq soap does it have any thing to do with the type of shampoo I am using??? thanks.

PinkZombee Star
Question: is a lot of breakage normal? 

Andrea Gac
Question: i have 9 dreads among my "normal" hair and they will be a year old in December (YAY!) but i have a hard time trying to keep my dreads from adopting my normal hair into them, i don't want to put rubber bands around the roots though. any ideas? thanks!!!! P.S. i dig you and your dreads you are both rad!!!

aron brydie
Question: ive got 1 month old dreadlocks, and i dreaded them myself, but i didnt properly section them, i sorta did, but not in rows, is this bad?

Jesse Smith
My cat has better dreadlocks than me, should I be concerned? 

Jared Coleman
Question: What are your thoughts on twisting dreads at the root? I only do it sometimes to help start Congo Dreads.

QUESTION: thanks for your videos man theyre pretty awesome!! I noticed one of your dreads has been dyed, i want to dye my dreads ginger but have no idea how to. how would you do them?

Føgle Fyren
QUESTION: Hey Lazy :D i been thinking about getting dreadlocks in a long time now but my hair is not long enough... is it the same if i get dreadlocks whit extensions? :)

kyle innes
question, what do you think about making a sea salt/lemon juice spray to be applied to dry dreads for tightening? does it do anything and is it harmful in any way? such as buildup ect 

Cameron Jaster
How long will it take for my dreads to stop shrinking? And whats the estimate number of inches dreads grow per year? 

Andrew Villa
Qustion: so i have two month old dreads, and i like the way most are developing. But there are two things bothings me. 1. Because my hair was not evenly cut when i started them alot of the shorter dreads have came out, and ive tried to tighten then a few times, so i just dont care. But will they eventually dread? The second problem is my sectioning, at first i wanted really clean sectioning but now you can see my scalp. I figure its a good thing because their not growing together but id rather my sclap not be exposed.. Will this eventualy happen???

Jill Vevers
Question: Is there a way of splitting a really large dread in half?

Laura Paige-Rowell
Question: I've had my dreads since July and now some of them are starting to do this zig zag thing because of how hair grows. Did your dreads do that too?

cai mansfeld
QUESTION: my dreadlocks have locked up now but their tips are keep coming un don help me . ps. your awesome

Kassandra Jo
About how long should I wait before I wrap my dreads? I've heard that if I wrap them too early they can take a lot longer to mature than the ones that aren't wrapped.

QUESTION: I'm considering getting real dreads but I only wash my hair once a week as I have synthetic dread extentions and just find the whole washing and drying process a faff so I'm a bit of a dry shampoo addict with my loose hair and fringe. I'm aware of shampoo being a problem cause it causes residue but if I were to use dry shampoo with real dreads do you know if would it cause a similar problem? Most of them are made of just rice powder which sounds pretty natural but some of them, including one I use, has extra volumising things in them. Peace :) x

Bobfari Kaolc
QUESTION I Have Brown Hair, Naturally Wavy But I Dry It Straight And It's In A Fringe Style Up To My Ears, My Hair Is Prone To Get Really Greasy If I Don't Wash It For A Few Days..... I REALLY REALLY Want Dreadlocks (Natural Style, No Dye, No Bleach, No Nothing.. Just My Hair Forming Into Dreads By Their Own Accord...) My Ethnicity Is Caucasian. How Long Does My Hair Have To Be Before I Can Start To Grow Dreads?? And How Many Times Do I Need To Wash My Hair?? (Like Once Every Week, Two Weeks??).... THANKS A MILLION FOR YOUR HELP AND ONE LOVE!!!! Bobfari :D

De Disciple
Question:What section size are mostly commonly got or recommended, and what's the smallest and biggest size recommended to get if you plan on getting smaller or bigger than "Normal"?

Question: which is better to have thin or thick dreads?

Laura Kerswill
Whats the best treatment for conditioning/softening your dreads, and how often should it be done? Mine are 12 months old and starting to feel pretty wiry

kyle innes
QUESTION: if a person has unsectioned dreads and the dreads form randomly, if there is a large gap between dreads like right at the top of your head where all the hair is taken up by like two dreads, is there anything you can do to make a dread between them

robert ruiz
QUESTION: what if instead of using baking soda and water you used baking powder and water will it have the same effect or fuck up the dreads 

Blake Taylor
QUESTION: My dreadlocks (43) are a month and 3 weeks old. I didn't section mine as I wasn't too bothered about them looking neat or "uniform" like others have told me sectioned dreadlocks look. I started them with the TnP method and Crotcheted them once, just to get all the loose hair that was left behind, but I haven't done anything with them since. My question is what is your opinions + pro's & con's of sectioned V.s Unsectioned?:)

Anthony Dach
Question: I've stopped using crochet hook because I broke one or two of my dreads. They are now thin, separate at the root and not locking at all, :( Will they ever start to lock up again, or they will just fall off. ? Any ideas? :) Thanks, We love you. So say we all :)

Amanda Rodriguez
What dread product's, if any, do you recommend when starting dreads? Or dread products in general? 

Question: I have wanted to start making my locks but I want to make a few here and there and not just all at once. How would I continue to wash the hair that isn't made into dreadlocks when I needed to and what kind of shampoo should I use? 

Isaac Navarro
Question: My dreadlocks are fairly young about 4 months and since the hair that falls out stays in the dread the ends of the hair that was in the scalp stays white. My hair color is black and it stands out a lot. I tried deep cleansing my hair to try and make the white specks fall off or something but it doesn't seem to go away, what should I do?

BrosLæ h
question: sometimes when i see people with dreads, they show a lot of scalp ( you can see the sectioning) how can you make sure you won't see a lot of scalp like with normal hair? thanks

Niklas Nieminen
Question: What are the risks, (if any) and consequences of cleaning and/or soaking your dreads too often? provided they're mature and you dry them properly?

Jen Marshall
When I rip my dreads apart so they don't Congo, I tend to have a lot of random stray hairs that don't want to join a nearby dread. How do I get them to join the others? 

dixie marie
Question: for a few months now I've been considering getting dreads and my main concern is, I have thin hair and the way I want my dreads are thin, some people are saying that I wouldn't be able to do it because of that. What do you think. Also should I wait to get my natural hair color back or can I do them with the color, which is half purple and half blue, or does it not matter? Thank you so much(:

Jessie Pontious
Question: I have pretty short hair (maybe 4 or 5 inches at the most) and I have been neglect dreading for about four months now. It's all sectioned really well and some are Tightening up but it all seems like a big rats nest and it's hard to tell where to seperate at because its so short. I find myself separating it a lot and idk if it's helping or hurting it. Should I maybe just seperate once or twice a week and just let it do it's thing? I just don't want to end up with any abnormally huge dreads.

Question: I have had my dreads for a month now (i started them November 14th using twist and rip only) and some are very small and others large but they don't really look like dreadlocks is there anything I can do to make them look a little more dread like?

Question: is it better to have thick dreads or thin dreads? ;)

Jen Marshall
I'm getting married in June. I want my dreads to look nice and well maintained. I don't like putting wax in. I don't like the feeling of it, or the fact on how hard it is to get out. What can I use to make my dreads look nice. Not frizzy or random stray hairs everywhere? Is wax my only option?

Question: I have wanted to start making my locks but I want to make a few here and there and not just all at once. How would I continue to wash the hair that isn't made into dreadlocks when I needed to and what kind of shampoo should I use?

Kay Barton
Question: Hi Chris, my dreads are bout 7 weeks old now and most seem to be doing ok. Messy! But ok :-) but some are dreading at the ends and the roots but are completely normal hair in the middle! Is there anything I can do to help them. Or should I just leave them alone? Thanks :-)

Yo Momma
Question: Hi Chris, I started my dreadlocks yesterday and they are somehow already very tightly locked, but the sectioning is very prominent and I don't like the idea of seeing squares all over my head, is there away to immediately reduce how clearly the sectioning can be seen or do I have to wait for my hair to grow, and if so, how long will that take roughly? Thanks :)

Question-my dreads are a month old now. I started out with the crochet method, my parting and everything i did myself so i do have hairs criss crossing into other dreads. The root also seem to be coming out everytime i wash the mids and tips seem ok though. What can i do to keep roots locked without using crochet needle and how often should i pull dread apart to keep them from congoing. I do it like everyday. My dreads are only like 6in long and i want to go as nature from here on out as i can, just wanted to use crochet to get them sectioned and it seemed right for my short hair.

Stallone Fernandes
Do dreads tend to get thinner before they get fatter? Just wondering because I want fat dreads eventually. Dreads seem to be getting thinner. 

kyle innes
question: is there anything you can do about large spaces between dreads 

Question: I have short hair probably about 2 inches and really want to grow dreads. I know i need to get it to about 6 inches to start. So my question is, is there anyway to make my hair grow faster and how long do you think it may take? I realize it may take a while so i heard horse shampoo may help speed up the process.

QUESTION! I play basketball and was thinking about getting dreads but I know I will sweat lot and have to wash my hair a good bit in washing my hair alot with baby dreads I know isn't good for them and I was also thinking about extending them with synthetic hair so I could tie them back but how will that affect me playing basketball like would they fall out?

Simone H
Question: Have you ever thought about dreading you beard? :)

Gabrielle Watts
What should you do about loose roots that won't lock up?

Jared Coleman
Question: I feel like if I wash my dreadlocks roughly its sorta of like the root rubbing technique. Do you have any input on that?

Question-- will you make a video on how you make those beads u put pics of on instagram?

Dreads obviously make it slightly more difficult with peoples preconceptions and negativity towards dreads so I was wondering since you've never really not had dreads (since 14) then what jobs, or what kind of jobs, have you had just as an idea of where is a good place to look for one :) I'm currently thinking about getting dreads and was wondering just how much it would set me back in interviews 

Joe Dirt
Question... My dreads are coming up on 3 months of age and it seems the root area around some of the dreads is sort for matting together quite Vigorously. in the beginning I was separating them often but I've kind of let it do it's thing as I am going for the more organic freeform approach. is this something that could get out of control or will it eventually even itself out once they get longer?.

Mala Nicole Wehr
I am in newborn dread faze, they look great, however I only have 20 or so dreads. they are finger sized and I have normal thickness of hair. What is the average amount if dreads most people get on their head? no one ever answers the question of how many they have...

Les Betz
Question: is it recommended to wash ur locks/knots the same night as adding new ones or putting ones back in that washed out?

Dee Holmes
Question: what's your take on freeform locs. Do they grow slower than maintained dreads? 

john osullivan
QUESTION: Hey Christian, I was wondering how you`re girlfriend finds you`re dreadlocks and if she herself is a dreadhead? and also, have relationships in your experience been affected either positively or negatively by you having dreadlocks at all? Thanks :)

Question: is it safe for young dreadlocks to get dyed?

Aarohee Aldas 
How soon into the dreading stage should I use moisturizers? (Essential oils) is it only when they're mature or is it ok to use them at any point? 

jrom dreads
QUESTION: is it safe for young dreadlocks to get bleached?

Les Betz
Question: young dreads that end up flat by sleeping and wearing my hat at work, will those flat ones eventually get round again or should I palm roll after showering?

Pelican Frog
Question: I don't know about other countries, but here lice is a pretty big problem. I live together with two smaller sisters, and they often get lice from people from their school. I was wondering, if you as a dreadhead were to get lice, if you'd be able to remove the lice without cutting/brushing out your dreadslocks? Like, can those little things get into the knotted dreads? (cause it'd seem like a pain to get them out) Anyway, thanks for reading this.

Mixxie Hoops
question... Dread mourning... how do you deal?

Cass Diaz-Hosa
What are some things you can do to encourage young dreadlocks to straighten out? As my dreads are slowly starting to tighten they have gotten a few little loops sticking out. I think part of it is I have curly/wavy hair and as they aren't tightly locked yet the curls are trying to still be there. Is there anything I can do besides forcing the loop/kink back in with a crochet hook, or will that just 
end up creating problems in the long run? 

Lauren Dunn
Question: which dreadlock is your favorite?

Daniel Hayden
Question: If i remember correctly you went to a salon when you started them, how long did your dreadlocks take to start growing? (i know the shrinking stage is part of the process), i asked from peoples experience that apparently it delays the growth of the dreadlock? I sadly made the same mistake and went to a salon and the only good experience is that they didn't put any wax at all in it, since then  i have been to a salon at all. Mine are around 7/8 month old.

Andre Phillips
Question: I've had my dreadlocks for 3 months and almost an inch at the tips of my dreads won't lock up, is that normal? Do u have any advice to help with that

Aaron Brownfield
Question: How big were your original dreadlocks sections when your first got them done?

Jenny Mercurio
I know you said swimming in the ocean is good for your dreads but what about swimming in a pool? Or is chlorine bad for dreads? 
Amanda Stewart
Question -
I've noticed that the new growth on my badly sectioned dreads is much thinner than the lock that I made. Will this even out over time?

Morgan Hill
Question my dreads are like 51 days old and I have loops and bumps and I know this is normal to have and I'm okay with that just wondering in time do they go away or do they just stay like that and just less noticeable? Thanks (:

QUESTION: Ive been thinking of blunting my tips (my dreads are four months) and know all the usual downsides that you talk about (e.g. increased drying time), but have heard rumours that your dreads won't lock up as fast and may be thinner - and similar things about crochet etc. Any help on that? Cheers :)

Eric Fernandez
Question: If I decide to cut off my dreadlocks can I save them for dread extensions in the future? I'm not going to cut them any time soon. 

Leon Petrou Dinsdale
what causes dreads to split at the root? 
Question: What method did you use when you started dreading your hair? 

Holly Bright
QUESTION: I have a month old dreads. I used the twist and rip method, back combed over the top then crocheted. I also put extensions in but when ever I wash my hair the link, which is fairly tight, gets loose and starts to come out, along with my natural hair. I want to wash them but have been avoiding so for this reason. My dreads aren't as loose as I'm making it out to be. They are just a pain in the bum. 

Garrett Smith
QUESTION: i have had dreads for 8 months, and i have a few lumps and loops. will palm rolling help get these out? i read your blog, so i know that you personally dont use wax, but will it help with the lumps to use the wax? thanx. awesome channel.

Question: my dreads seem to be tightening everywhere except the roots, i hav about 3inchs of normal hair until the actual dread starts on some of them ! is there anyway i can encourage my roots to dread up ?? - ur vidz r amazin :P

Sayuri Mei Murasaki
How does a crochet hook damage dreads? 

question: my hair is not quite long enough yet but I practice twist and rip on the length I have thus far... and my roots are never tight, I'm afraid once I do put in the dreads permanently, the roots will just grow out normally and not in dreadlock... Whats going to happen and how can I encourage my roots to dread?

Elijah Washington
Question: what would I need to do, if I wanted to get my dreads to start growing together? Also how long did it take for your dreads to mature?

Justin Torres
-Hello, just wondering if I do the neglect method, with about 6" of hair. Is there a period amount of days I should not wet my hair at all (wear a shower cap)? Like me not wet it from Monday to Thursday than wash it and all Friday, or is that unnecessary? 
-Thank you

Les Betz
Question: how much effin coffee do u drink LOL. U seem to speed through hahahaha. No seriously tho. The question is, what do u do for a living?

Daisy Mireles
Question : if you dread only the top or bottom part of your hair , and you still decide to use heat on the non dreaded hair ; is it ok to add some heat to dreads or would the dreads start to untangle little by little? o; 

question: im afraid my roots wont knot once I dread my hair... and itl just grow out normal.. I see people crochet the roots once it grows out a bit, but I want to just let mine knot on ther own... will my roots grow out dreaded or normal? If they grow out often... and for how long will I have to do it? 

Pauline The Princess
Question: is hairspray a forgiving product on dreadlocks? 
As in: I have graduation pictures in less than two weeks with 2.5 month old dreads. If I use hairspray once to tame it for photos, would a deep clean do the trick to getting rid of the hairspray? 
Love your videos :)

josh Holden
Question:what method did you use?

Lo Got The Dro
question: I didn't section my dreads when i did them, so theres lots loose hair at the roots. can i make more dreads from the loose hair? or should i just let it lock into the existing dreads? peace

Jes Whitelaw
If you were a super hero, what would your super power be? 
Clay Kid
Question: I have very fine hair and not a whole lot of it, I'm planning to start dreadlocks soon... So would they be thin or eventually become thick like yours?

Diana Rhoden
QUESTION: I know dandruff is just a big scary word for dead skin cells in your hair, but how do you deal with it, and control it? Will washing dreads more often help keep it at bay? Basically, I would just like a how to on all the ends and outs of Dandruff, and Dreads. Thank you Christian :D

Corey Seropian
QUESTION I decided to use the neglect/natural method and stopped brushing my hair about 3 weeks ago. I have thick, wavy hair and a lot of it has sectioned itself and started to lock. My hair is only 7-8 inches though, and I am beginning to wonder if I should untangle the mess and start over in a year when it is much longer, because messy long hair looks better than messy shoulder-length hair. I fear lots of shrinkage in the next few months as the dreadlocks progress. 

Jake Brown
QUESTION: So i have had dreads for a week now and i want to wash them.  And i have heard from other dread heads mine are to young to wash and i have a lot of loose hair but i feel as if they might fall out i wash them this early? :/

Jack J Daniels
If you had a child, would you let him/her hair grow long and have it dread locked so he/she would be like a mini you? 
Madison Lecher
Question: I put a dreadlock into my hair (in the process of slowly putting dreads in my hair one by one) and I was wondering how you maintain your roots without using a croquet hook. You may have already answered this in a video but I'm not sure! 

Les Betz
QUESTION: You mention deep cleaning quite often. When u say "one part this and a few parts that", how do u distinguish the measurements of the parts?
question: Dude!! Is it healthy to be as lively as you all the time?? do you get much sleep? do you ever sleep? or just plug into a wall and recharge each night?

On the days that you don't wash your hair (shampoo it), while showering, do you allow the water to run through your hair, or do you leave it dry and avoid water touching it like it's the freakin' plague?

Angela Hoerst 
My dreadlings are four months old. I separate several times a day because I get this "webbing" between them. A few hairs want to make a Web between two dreads. Is there a good way to separate them other than me just ripping the Web apart and trying to figure out which hair should go where? 

Question:What shampoo do you use?

Autumn Schelde
question: Some of my dreads look very braid like. Is this normal? or did my friend possibly mess something up when she twist and ripped them? Should I redo them or just leave them alone?

Question: I did half back comb and now I'm Going for neglect I've had them about 8 months but I've been growing my hair for close to 4 years. How much longer for the loose hair to dread it's about 6 inches 

Aiden McKinley
Question: What should people expect when first washing their dreads? I remember when I first washed mine a lot of my root came loose, was that normal?

Caleb Heffelfinger
Will young, frizzy dreaded hair un-frizz on its own? 
Question: I'm having difficulty deciding if I want to commit to a full head of dreads or partial. If I do just go with partial dreads how should I go about setting them, since my normal hair will cover the roots? 

krystle dinning
QUESTION....what do I do if I have dandruff with dreads? Is there a special dread shampoo I can use?

Courtney Jenkins
Question: I'm waiting to start dreading my hair when it's a bit longer. In the 'messy early stage' of the process, can u just wear a hat or will it effect the maturing process some how? 

Sydney Rianna
QUESTION: If you have loose ends that have not locked up, is it better to encourage them to lock up or to just leave them be?

Mulle meckbb
QUESTION: I've got dreads that are about a week old and after I showered they seem to be a lot softer and that's nice but they are also a lot looser. Some roots that were thight before are now 2 cm of loose hair before the dread begins. I also got a lot More loose hair and I don't think it's a problem but maybe it will be if it continues after every shower. 
I just the "no poo method" (baking soda, ACV)


  1. Hi there I have had my dreads for about 2 1/2 months. Just wondering if dying them will help them lock faster.


    1. Colouring them won't make any significant difference... but all the rinsing and soaking required to remove the excess dye will have the opposite effect.

  2. Question.. I started my dreads last night via twist and rip.. I didn't get them very tight to the root.. t kinda looks like "normal" hair at the top. Is this anything to be worried about?

    1. They would come loose at the root when you washed them anyhow. I wouldn't worry.

  3. Hi I've heard that putting aloe in your dreads helps them lock up? I want to try it but I'm scared it's a myth and will be bad for my dreads.

    1. Aloe will moisturise hair and can work like a hair gel... but it won't help them lock up.

  4. Hello, I have a question about one of my dreadlocks. Its at the bottom of my head and is splitting at the top. It looks like a congo dread but backwards? It looks like a normal dread at the bottom but separates into two at the top. I know its not two dreads because I only made two sections at the very bottom. Could it be that the section was too big? Its only about 3months old, I'm sure its fine but is there a way to get it back together or should I just let it do its thing? Your videos are very helpful, Thank You! :)

    1. It's a common occurrence. In time they usually fix themselves, but you can help it along by sliding a bead over the split or a little bit of string over the split to hold the sides closer and encourage them to knot together.

  5. My dreads r three months old I have straight fine hair it has locked really well but a lot of them r super thick at the bottom like the ends folded up on them self n doubled but r much thinner twordrs the top they r locking at the top also just thinner...Will they eventually thicken up at the top n b uniformed or will I have to eventually trim the really thick parts off the bottom. My ends have blunted on there own lending more to my thought that the ends folded up on themselves...ny help pls

    1. The roots will seem thinner because the roots are just loose hair... which is kind of thin and weak by itself when you compare it against the knotted section. The roots will lock up and the dreads will grow out at a constant thickness. However - if the tips have folded in on themselves and doubled up.. well then the tips will be thicker and remain thicker. The rest of the dread won't thicken up to match the doubled up part.

  6. Hello! Firstly, I just want to say thanks for such an informative and friendly blog/website. So many other dreadlock sites that I have visited are sooo condescending and snobby regarding what you should and shouldn't do, and seem to have no appreciation for the fact that everybody's hair is different.

    Anyhow, I have a few questions so I'll apologise in advance if this seems like more of an essay than a comment.

    In a lot of your videos you refer to "young" dreads and how their behaviour differs to mature dreads. I have had my dreads for a little over a year but having started out at around an inch in length, they're now only around 5-6 inches and although I don't hold any fear of them unravelling, they don't feel especially "mature". How do you determine whether your dreads are mature or not? Is it their age, their length, their thickness... or something else?

    My hair usually feels very dry after washing it and I have recently started applying a hair oil (either Garnier Ultimate Blends Marvellous Glow Oil, or Johnson's Baby Hair Oil) which has (at least I think it has) made it feel less dry and brittle. Is there any reason for me not to do this? Would these products be considered residues that will build up in my hair? How frequently would it be safe to use them? I am 34 and my hair isn't as strong as it used to be, so it needs all the protection it can get.

    Finally, since first getting my dreads, I've had them maintained/tightened with a crochet needle every couple of months. I want to stop this as I hate the visable separaration marks on my head for the couple of weeks after getting them done. My fear in leaving them is the the newly grown hair won't lock up because the already tightly locked parts are preventing it from getting tangled. Is that nonsense, or a genuine concern? What are my options for ditching the bi-monthly maintenance/tightening?


    1. Hi Adam.

      There isn't a universally accepted definition for what constitutes mature dreadlocks. It's generally just around the time that more things have gotten locked up - they've locked up nicely to the roots and it's often the point in time where people take a step back and realise that their hair has actually, finally come together. It's normally around the 1 year-ish mark however for some it comes faster, others slower and I would imagine having started out so short yours may take a little longer until they really feel "matured" to you.

      When hair feels dry it can be conditioned with oils - I like adding oils to my soaks. There is a balance though as adding oils is... conditioning and hair that's soft and conditioned is less likely to form new knots - when roots are heavily conditioned you can find that they start to grow out longer before locking up.

      If you drop the maintenance you'll likely go through a stage where the dreads start to grow out at the roots. When they've been regularly tightened they can be too tight to lock at the roots by themselves. When you stop maintaining they'll loosen up, but this loosening will allow the hairs to start knotting by themselves and after a little while the roots will take care of themselves.

  7. Question: my dreads are just over 2.5 years old. About a year ago i added wool extensions by tying the extensions in a knot around the roots of my actual dreads (such that the extensions are double ended, if that makes sense. the "extensions" give me more dreads on my head, not actually extending the length of the real dreadies). when i take the extensions out, my head looks very... scalpy. all the section lines are very visible. i am wondering if this is because the wool tied around the roots doesn't allow for the loose/root hairs to spread over and cover more of the scalp? i also usually tighten my dreads pretty close to the scalp, which i just saw in one of your videos is a reason for visible section lines. if i let the roots grow a bit, do you think this will solve my scalpy problem? in addition, should i find another way of tying in the extensions (ie THROUGH the roots instead of around them?) sorry if this is a confusing question:S

    1. Hi Mikaela. If you take the extensions out and give the roots some time, they will be able to lock back up and fill out again properly. However if you then went back and pushed the wool dreads through the roots of the real dreads you would likely end up with bigger problems as the extensions would stop the roots of the real dreadlocks from being able to lock and may damage the roots.

  8. Hiiiii I'm Whitney!! (:
    I'm more like seeking advice: I started partials with the T&R method on the bottom, the roots, well actually the whole dread(s) are not doing much right now but I"m assuming over time they'll do their own thing. Now I have decided to natural/ free-form the top half of my head & they are doing everything you've mentioned (knotting, looping, shrinking, tightening, etc.) like suuuper fast. I thought about taking out my two month old T&RS and letting them free form but I put weeks into them (sectioning and doing them ALL BY MYSELF) so i cant bring myself to unless all over free form is a better option. I love the uniqueness of the free form but they are so WILD!! Like loops EVERYWHERE! Anything to help? I don't use any products or rubber bands & my hair is down to the small of my back. I don't mind the wildness of it but I DON"T want like one huge rat all over my whole head. Any advice will help. Please & Thank You ☺♥☺

    1. You don't need to remove those T&R dreads unless there is a particular reason that you would want to do so - they'll knot up fine.

      Info on looking after the freeform parts can be found here:

  9. My dread at the nape of my neck has become very tight & shrank to a point that it's 'curled' ? It seems an awful lot tighter than the rest of my dreadies but looks generally unneat and more like a matt than the typical shape of a dread. I've had them for over four months and am enjoying/hating the journey and have an understanding that all takes time but this one dready is getting to me a little. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    1. The ones around the back of your head will generally knot up fastest - not always!, but often, because those are the dreads that get interacted with while you move around in your sleep. If it's still soft enough to be squeezed round - if you can palm roll it into a rounded shape, then chances are it will mature into a rounded shape. However if it's already very tightly formed into a non-rounded shape, it may stay that way. It's tricky to come up with any decent advice as technically the dreadlock is probably pretty well formed... it just may not look quite as you want. Unless it really bothers you in some way, I'd leave it - as it's at the back of your head it's probably unlikely to bug you too much. If you are desperate to force it to change then there are things you could try... but personally I'd leave it.

  10. I've had my dreadlocks for 2 years now. Almost everyday I'm noticing hairs coming out of different dreads. Almost like they're coming undone. Is that normal?

  11. So I started my dreads about 3 months ago. They suck obviously but it's hard to know what amount of sucky is a part of the process and what amount symbolizes mistakes or shitty initial dreading.. That leads me to my question.. Is it okay to crochet young dreads? Or am I juts making the maturing process longer? Should I steady work on them or just let me go?

  12. I've had my dreads for 2 years now and was wondering why there not tighter and neater? Should I do more deep cleanings ? For a while I didn't have the correct soap and now I'm using dread soap and doing deep clean for the past 4 or 5 months

  13. I have had my dreads for 5 weeks and the person who sectioned my dreads made some Very large sections and I don't know why. Is there a way I can make my sections smaller since it's only been 5 weeks?

  14. Hi I just got new dreads and I want to know if mud is good for dreads? Thanks!


  15. Hello! I've been having some rather bad troubles with dreadlock shampoo. So far I've tried Dollylocks and My Tangled Knots and both have left my hair oily/sticky after just one wash. I don't have dreadlocks yet as I'm trying out shampoos before I get them (as you suggested). I have to note that the water is very hard where I live. Any help/suggestions is appreciated.

  16. Hello! I've been having some rather bad troubles with dreadlock shampoo. So far I've tried Dollylocks and My Tangled Knots and both have left my hair oily/sticky after just one wash. I don't have dreadlocks yet as I'm trying out shampoos before I get them (as you suggested). I have to note that the water is very hard where I live. Any help/suggestions is appreciated.

  17. Question - I just started my newborn baby dreads a weeks ago. I was expecting there to be alot more than there are. I only have 23 for my entire head and they are pretty thin. Once they start to mature, is there any way to separate the thicker dreads into 2 thinner ones without completely damaging my hair? I plan to keep my dreads a min of 10 years. I really just don't want them to be super thick in the end.

  18. I am thinking of starting dreadlocks but I play water polo 3-6 times a week. I have a month off in a few weeks and was thinking of starting them then. Is it possible for me to keep my one month old dreads when I start water polo again?

  19. Hey Man i just enjoy watching your videos and i love your dreads .
    so i have a really thick weirdly curly hair it's just awful and that's why i stopped caring and trying to do anything to them a year a go back then i wasn't aware of the whole neglect dreads thing ..... dreads began to form 3 months later and i didn't care and now a year later my hair is 20 cm long and it made a lot of progress with dreads actually ...However, these young dreads and just standing up strait i can't get them to sleep ..i look so weird when a single dread is standing just in the middle of my head looks funny ...i'm just wondering if there is a way to solve this tiny problem. Thanks.
    anyway love your great videos you'r awesome!

  20. Just began my dread journey with partial dreads on the bottom of my head. I know I shouldn't wash the dreads for about a week but can I was the other non dread hair?