Thursday 21 November 2013

Dreadlock Decorations

In this section I'll be posting up pictures of new dreadlock decorations as they arrive along with some details about them, their country of origin and where you can buy them.

Knotty Sleeves

Made by: Tanja
Location: Canada
Store: Knottysleeves Etsy 
Facebook: Knottysleeves

Handmade dreadlock sleeves made with Japanese glass delica beads and super-strong, waterproof beadweaving thread without any waxes or glues.
The Knottysleeves Etsy store has pages and pages of exclusive peyote designs in a multitude of different sizes to fit all varieties of dreads. The bead designs are fun and vibrant and the sleeves themselves are nice and durable and of course they look excellent. To see more designs or to find out more check out the store on Etsy.

Dreadlock Beads UK - DBUK

Made by: Anna
Location: United Kingdom
Store: Order via Facebook 
Facebook: DBUK

Made to order polymer clay dreadlock beads in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours

Dreadlock Beads UK creates bright colourful beads in... you guessed it.. the UK! Orders are taken through the DBUK facebook page as the majority of the beads are made to order. DBUK beads have been seen many times in Lazy Dreads bead giveaways. To find out more about DBUK you should head on over to the facebook page.

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  1. hi, how big should the beads have to be to be in your dread so it won't choke them?
    I ask because I had to take one silver bead (that i think it was too tight) from my dread because when I was washing my hair a bit of hair from the tip fell off. I really panic. I don't know if this is normal (which, I don't think it is) but maybe it happened because the bead was too little and choked my dread. What do you think. I took off all of my beads just in case.
    Thank you, I really appreciate all your videos and advice.