Friday 22 November 2013

Dreadlocks - Question and Answer #20

Welcome to the 20th installment of my dreadlocks question and answer series. Each week I take 4 questions that have been left in the comment section of previous Q&A videos along with 1 question from the Lazy Dreads Facebook page and then I answer them.

Kristan Robinson
Question: what are your thoughts on rubberbands? I've noticed that you never really mention them. My dreads are about 3 months old, backcombed and twist n ripped. When I started my dreads I used them in the ends to keep knots from slidding out of the bottom of my dreads, but now I just twist n rip when I think the ends are falling out. I continue to use them in some places at my roots to keep my hair from "webbing" and joining to other dreads.

Question: what are you comments/opinions on life with dreads as it pertains to social situations, and circumventing any judgements or complications with having dreads, i feel that having dreads would lead to problems, how have you personally dealt with things like formal events, jobs, and other things of the sort. I am aware you have commented briefly on jobs but it was not to informative. thanks i really like your dreads and videos please keep doing things this way!

keevin huey
QUESTION: hello lazy dreads your dreads are dope! But anyway I just want to ask is it normal for twist and ripped dreads to separate at the roots and is it ok to to back comb them when this happens?

Dalton Burrow
Question: what do you think about crochet needles?


Sir-Niklas Themanwiththehat-Mansonfan Themadhatter Nieminen
Your Dreads seem a bit tidier and better looking over all nowadays than when you started doing Lazydreads videos, how come? Or is it just me?

Neil DreadDoctor Donovan
My dreads were started very well by a friend and ever since I have worked on them to make them almost perfectly cylindrical and uniform, now I have past my year mark I'm now taking the more natural neglect route for the next year. My question to you Mr Lazy is that if you started your journey as I did what would be your thoughts on going from perfecting them so much with a crochet to letting natural dreadlocks form?? Peace and Love my friend

Emmy CatMilk Way
Hey Christian, this might be an odd question, but I figure I'd ask you.
I just dreaded up my bangs last week, and as of right now I have a basic middle part. When my dreads mature more and get longer in that area will I be able to flip them over and part my hair to the side sometimes? I tried it the other day and they didn't seem to want to stay, but I attribute that to the root being loose and their length as of now.
Hope you understand what I'm trying to ask!

Samantha Frock
Ok here is my question...I have spots in my dreads that r not dreaded and the rest seems locked around it...should I worry
Greg Showen im 2 months into dreads and everytime I wash them they fall apart what should I do
Dewy Tyler Gordon I too have this problem^^^^^^^, like locked halfway then an inch or two or so that doesnt feel locked really more like curled hair, then back to locked..

Chelsie Dyck I was told you shouldn't wash new dreads for about a month or 2.. Or do I just wash them right away. I'm on my second batch of dread trying to do it right this time.

Haris Raggamuffin Ahmetovic
Where are your roots from im mean like family not dreads well dujhhh

Ashley Quimby
Question: I live in a wet area (pacific northwest) and am worried about getting constantly moisture in my dreads. Would constant blow drying be damaging or is prevention of mold more important? Thanks!

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