Friday, 27 May 2016

FREE Dread Beanies!

You asked for giveaways,
You asked for more prizes,
You asked for worldwide entry,
and you asked for BEANIES! 
Lazy dreads delivers!

In partnership with Dreadstuff we’re giving away THREE dreadlock beanies this week! Just like the ones I’ve been wearing… pretty much non-stop.

Dreadstuff have a new range of dreadlock beanies, I think they’re a great balance between regular beanie and full dread-tam. The winners get their choice of beanie from range.

Wanna enter? Head on over to Instagram, follow Lazydreads and Dreadstuff_com and repost the giveaway image using hashtag Lazydreads. That’s it. Every repost is an entry and this thing is open WORLDWIDE!

Giveaway runs 23rd to 29th May. Give this video a like and do consider hitting that subscribe button, and I’ll see you over on Instagram! Lazy dreads, out.

1 comment:

  1. Awe! Don't have Instagram man! :/

    Beanies look good though. Free worldwide shipping on Dreadstuff, did I read this right??