Thursday, 26 May 2016

World's Longest Dreadlocks?! Meet Asha Mandela!

Ever wondered what the world's longest dreadlocks look like?

Asha Mandela has the longest dreads... in the world! Coming in at a crazy 92.5 feet and certified by the Guinness Book of world records. She's been the holder of the world's longest dreadlocks title since 2008.


  1. Sometimes, it's like we're three in bed... SMH...

  2. "We can use it for whatever" "hairsome" ......perfect.

  3. 92 feet? Nuh uh..nope....not happening. Talk about self debilitating. And washing them?! Not a chance. You'd end up dunking your hair in the toilet...and with sex, you know it'll get shiznit all over it. That's a hard pass for me.