Saturday 30 April 2016


If you’re having dread problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but the stink ain’t one.

Here’s a common and annoying misconception: dreadlocks stink. I guess this one goes hand in hand with the idea that dreadlocks have to be unclean, that you can’t wash them or that they’re host to all forms of nastiness. This idea becomes kinda tiresome. Can dreadlocks stink? they’re sure can - right now mine downright reek of vanilla, why, because it smells awesome, that’s why.

Now I’m not going to stand here and tell you that all dreadlocks are going to smell like sunshine and rainbows, because that would be a straight up lie, of course dreadlocks can smell bad, if you don’t wash them properly, if you don’t dry them properly, if you don’t care for them properly, they’re not going to be at their best… but the same thing could be said for any other hair type… or like… hats, socks, shoes etc. If dreadlocks smell bad, it’s down to the individual, not the dreadlocks.

In all honesty, dreadlocks just smell like, well, hair… because that’s all that they are, knotted ropes of hair. Keep em clean and often they won’t smell like much of anything at all due to a lot of dreadlock shampoos being pretty neutral… however… there are countless beautifully scented products available to make your dreadlocks smell however you like… just try not to get carried away. These products aren’t designed to cover up bad smells… they’re intended to give some character to clean dreads that otherwise don’t have much of a scent at all… like a perfume - you don’t put on a perfume when you’re going out in order to cover up the stink… I hope… instead you apply it because you want to smell awesome… and who could argue with that?


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  2. Hey Christian! You might never even read this, but I just gotta say your videos are all fantastic! This one was recently very helpful though, for sortof ammunition, if you will, for a misconception about dreads. It also made the intended audience laugh too, which always helps drive home a point. :D Also, hehe the introduction...well, what can I say? Been chuckling on that one for weeks now! :)

  3. I saw it LD! I mean, Christian! Can't comment on FB, but pretty awesome you read this! XD
    Now, I just have to apologize for the next few bothers you might have gotten from me on here and...there and...over there! hehe (fyi not FB or Instagram). Although I do hope that one day I'll actually get to explain to you my full question/concern. For now,

    Farewell! (Love your greetings! XD)