Saturday 30 April 2016

BEARD BALM! - Bold Beardsmen

Beard balms, they’re very in, they’re very hip, let’s check em out. 


I’m checking out some beardy produce today, The Bold Beardsmen offered to sponsor a video and hook me up with some of their attractive looking beard balms. This is my first beard balm review, so it’s a new venture for all of us!

This stuff is organic and handmade in NYC, in fact they’re “About Us” section of their website states that the products were designed out of a basement in Queens! It comes in a few different varieties: Valencia, Pomono, Redwood and Cannelle. Personally I’m favouring the Cannelle. I’ve been using this balm for a couple of weeks now, but for this video I thought I’d up my game a bit and go early morning on the whole thing. My beard looks at it’s roughest when I first get up and so I figured the best way to put the balm through it’s paces would be to see how well it goes about salvaging my early morning train wreck facial hair.

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