Tuesday 3 May 2016

Salt Spraying Dreads!

Salt water spray, what’s the deal? Who, what, where and why? That’s what I want to know!

Ok, salt water sprays are popular among dreadheads because when applied the salt can dry out the hairs, making them coarser and more likely to knot and tangle - this makes the sprays particularly attractive to those with younger dreads who have a lot of loose hairs that they want to encourage to knot and tangle! For more mature dreads the potential benefits aren’t going to be quite as noticeable, but can still be useful when trying to encourage some frizzy patches to lock, or I sometimes like to give mine a spritz to help hold loose patches out of the way when I want to film.

Salt water sprays come in different forms and varieties, I’ve got a Da’ Salt Water spray here, a scented Dollylocks spray and also a couple I’ve made myself. 

Applying is simple - aim and dispense. How much you apply is up to you, and it’s gonna be pretty difficult to advise with any accuracy as like, this one is gonna spray a lot more than this one for example. If you’re trying out salt spray start off small and see how it works for you. Personally I’d look to spritz the dreads on the day you already plan to wash them so the spray doesn’t sit too long should you feel like you’ve over done it, and I’d try to avoid getting it on your skin so to as avoid risk of irritation.

Remember even at it’s best salt is only going to help make the loose hairs more likely to knot and tangle, it’s not going to instantly mature your dreads - even if you down your hair in the stuff. Less is more, slow and steady wins the race, etc etc.

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