Friday 23 January 2015

My 91 Month Dreadlocks Update!

A brief Lazy Dreads update after 91 months of having dreadlocks.


  1. First off welcome back!. I love your videos and they are extremely helpful. I have started my journey about 3 weeks ago by way of backcombing and my tips are locking nicely. However I am concerned about my roots. My hair before the start was about 13 inches long, and the roots are loose untangled , unknotted from my scalp to about 3 inches. What shall I do? Any feedback Is greatly appreciated. Thank you and welcome back

    1. Backcomb is only a starting method - you use it so that you're able to divide the hair up into sections and have the backcomb hold those sections together so that over time they'll lock up into dreadlocks. It's not always the greatest feeling to see the initial backcomb loosen out, but provided it doesn't wash out completely, it's not a worry and it's still doing it's job.