Thursday 22 January 2015

"Dreadstore" Directory: Coming Soon

The International Dreadmaker Directory has been an excellent success - there are dreadheads connecting with potential dreadheads every day and the list continues to grow... but now I look toward my next project:

The dreadmaker directory was put together for everyone to access and so instead of having to individually answer "can you recommend a dreadmaker in x location", now all the contacts are available online. My next project aims to answer an equally popular set of questions "where can I buy shampoos/soaps/hats/beads/wraps etc".

I have begun working on a dreadlock supplies list which will list websites/stores/ebay pages/etsy pages from all around the world - organised by geographical location so dreadheads will be able to see what supplies are available near to them - so they can keep shipping costs down, buy local - or even buy in person!

So if you make, create or sell anything dreadlock related and would like your store listing on please send the following information:

Item(s) For Sale:
Website/Page link:
Other contact details:

Send your details in an email to using the subject line: "Dreadstore".

This project is currently a work in progress - I'll keep you all updated and let you know when it's ready to go. Feel free to share this status with anyone you think would like to have their store listed on

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