Monday 22 December 2014

Dreadlocks From Layered Hair? + More! (Dreadlocks Q&A #56)

Episode #56 of my long running 'Dreadlocks Question & Answer' series, where I answer YOUR questions!

tycho verhelle

question: hi thanks for al the videos they realy helpfull my question is how to start getting a lock in my beard and how to care for it greetz tycho ;)

Max Vitale

Question: i started my dreads yesterday. I used the twist and rip and back comb methods. The dreads dont seems locked up at all and the ones in the back are really really poofy and im afraid they will fall out. Should i wait and see how it goes or should i take them out and try again? I have updates on my channel if you need to see what they look like. Thanks!

sierra sheridan

Question: my dreadlocks are 10 months and on a couple of my locks there is what I call 'gaps' where it's a dreadlock, then in the middle of the dread it's just straight unknotted hair, and then dreaded hair further down. Do I have to remove the dread and start all over on the few locks or is there a way I can fix it

Daniel Benson

Question : I have been researching dreadlocks for a fee months now, eagerly waiting for my hair to grow out. Because of the hair style I had previously, my hair is different lengths in different places. The top measures 7 and a bit inches... but the back and sides are only 4 inches. Going by not only your opinion, but pretty much everyone else that ive seen, has said about 6 inches minimum. Considering the back and sides are shorter, I am wanting to wait but I am wondering if you have any advice on my situation. Maybe how long I should wait? Or how to takle doing dreads at 6 inches?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work, your videos are incredibly informative and welcoming. Thanks!

jason singh

question: i started my hair on 31/05/14 rite seeing some changes already but is separating important at this early age...

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