Saturday 24 January 2015

Dreadstore Directory: Coming Soon.

After the successful launch of the Lazydreads International Dreadmakers Directory I have started to collect details for a listing of dreadstores. I will host a list, organised by geographical location containing links to dreadlock websites, etsy pages, ebay pages etc for all things dreadlock-related such as soaps, shampoos, hats, beads and accessories. If you run such a store and would like your details listed on with a link to your shop, email:

Item(s) For Sale:
Website/Page link:
Other contact details:

To using the subject line 'Dreadstore'. All sizes and types of store are welcome, worldwide - just drop me an email and I'll add the link to the list.

As always with projects like this I have no strict deadline to get the page live - it will be live once it's ready! but I shall keep you all informed on it's progress. Should you happen to know someone who you think would like to have their details listed - pass this video along :)

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