Saturday 1 August 2015


Something a little out of the ordinary - TRAVELLING WITH DREADLOCKS - IN THE ARCTIC CIRCLE.

For this trip I packed:
Dollylocks liquid shampoo:
Dollylocks refresh spray:
Dollylocks dry shampoo (dark):
Super Dread towel (large):
Dread Stuff tam:

So this is a trip that I've wanted to take for a long time - It's the sort of trip that I'd say is "once in a lifetime"... but I really don't think that's going to be the case, as I'd head back out again tomorrow if I could - so I certainly think I'll be back!

This video covers the first part of my trip to Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago within the Arctic circle. The city of Longyearbyen is the northern most city (northern most settlement with a population above 1000) in the world. We set out for a short trip to camp just outside Longyearbyen. 

In this video I cover what dreadlock-related things I packed to take with me on such a trip, the travelling experience - and some of the sights and scenes I took on once I arrived.

I'd like to add a special thanks to Kristin Burdal who composed and performed the accompanying music for this video:


  1. Hi there, first of all I just wanted to say thanks for all the posts - I'm thinking of dreading my hair and you've been an invaluable research resource! I was wondering if starting dreads off with backcombing and crochet then switching to the neglect approach works? I favour neglect but have to look as presentable as possible for work, so I was hoping that might kick-start things and minimise the early messiness? Keep up the good work...

    1. If you leave a set of dreadlocks for long enough then the new growth will begin to lock on it's own via neglect - how well the different sections develop in relation to each other will depend on the degree to which the different parts were crocheted.

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