Monday, 27 July 2015


Today I’ll be reviewing Dollylock’s Limited Edition ‘Pear and Rum-spice’ liquid dreadlocks shampoo.

Dollylocks Shampoo:

Dollylocks are a Florida based company that make a wide range of dreadlocks products from shampoos and soaps to sprays and dry shampoo. All their products are 100% vegetarian/vegan, with no animal testing, artificial colours, artificial preservatives, no MEA/DEA dyes, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, they’re gluten free, SLS free, SMS free and free from GMOS.

The shampoo itself - the shampoo comes in a decent sized bottle (8fl Oz) and it ships with both a screw cap that can be used while traveling or storing the shampoo - and a dispenser top for when you’re actively using the shampoo.

Distilled Spring Water, Saponified Coconut Oil*, Olive Oil, Castor Bean Oil*, Almond Oil*, Tea Tree Essential Oil* and Spearmint Essential Oil*, Grapefruit Seed Extract -*ORGANIC

In use - in my experience Dollylocks products do not foam and bubble in the same way as some other shampoos and I would account this to the shampoo’s more natural formulation - you do however get a lot of coverage out of only a small amount of shampoo, which can take some getting used to. I find that it doesn’t take as much shampoo to cover my whole scalp compared to how much I use from other brands. On the one hand this means that I can get more washes out of a bottle, but on the other hand it means that people who’ve not used the shampoo before can very easily find themselves applying more than they need to.

After wetting my hair through I dispense around two pumps of shampoo, lather it between my hands and apply it to my scalp - starting at the front and working my way back, massaging it in. I will then use around half a pump extra and work it in from my neck, working upwards. I will then bring the bodies of the dreadlocks up and rub them around to help work in the shampoo. I will usually let the shampoo sit for around 30 seconds before starting to work it through as I find the Dollylocks shampoos have a pleasant cooling effect on my scalp. I will then start rinsing the hair, squeezing the soapy water in and over the dreadlocks as it flows down and out.

The shampoo does carry it’s scent into the shower, but it’s not too overpowering - certainly not strong enough to cause annoyance. 

Once I got used to the amount of shampoo required I found no great difficulty in rinsing out of the shampoo - however when I was new to Dollylocks shampoos I did find myself using far more than was required and then needing to spend quite a long time to make sure I’d gotten all the excess out.

I found that the shampoo left my head fresh and clean - working well to keep my scalp comfortable and dandruff controlled. It leaves my dreadlocks soft and bendable - in fact I would say that I find that the shampoo leaves the hair slightly on the soft and conditioned side - which with my mature dreads I find quite pleasant as it makes sure that my dreads don’t get too rough and stiff, but if you have naturally soft hair and you’re just starting out, you may find it a little off balance.During my long term testing I found the results to be consistent with no noticeable increase in discomfort or dandruff over time. I have also not noticed any signs of shampoo build up - and having now actually used the shampoo for a consistent 2 months I’d be comfortable knowing the residue does not buildup in noticeable amounts in the time I leave between deep cleans.

My conclusion: My experiences have found Dollylocks products to be high quality and consistent, this shampoo is no different. I found it to work well with my hair and scalp and to work well consistently for weeks at a time. While it’s consistency and the amount of cleaning you get for such a small amount took me a little by surprise at first, once I was used to it I found I was able to get quite economical results - and a bottle of Dollylocks, if used correctly should last a very long time - even for someone who washes their dreadlocks as regularly as me. The shampoo also lends itself nicely to when you’re traveling away from home as you’re able to carry only a small amount and still have it last the whole trip.

The main drawback I think people may come across is that it is more softening than some other shampoos - for some people this may be positive, especially for those with drier hair or more mature dreadlocks, but I can potentially foresee that it may be a little more softening than is needed for people with younger dreads and softer hair - although that’s something that will vary from individual to individual. Fortunately, and I find this to be a major plus when it comes to Dollylocks products - most of their products can also be purchased in small travel sized samples, this allows you to test them out and see how they work for you personally without having to invest in a whole bottle.


  1. Have you used any other dolly locks products? Like the tightening gel or spray? Or the conditioning oil

    1. I've tried everything other than the pomade or the dry shampoo.

    2. I love the pomade.. It really does wash out easy and doesn't leave virtually any buildup. A little goes a looooong way. I'm just now starting to use the conditioning oil as my scalp is ITCHY and my dandruff is out of control (Thanks WINTER) :) Not quite sure how the oil is going yet as I have only tried once yesterday. Will be washing tomorrow. Just thought I'd share..

  2. Is it okay to use dawn dish soap to wash out dreads since dish soap does remove residue?

    1. I've heard some people use dish soap and have positive results, and I've also heard some trying it and finding it far too drying on their skin. There are many different brands of dish soap available and I would imagine some work better than others, however I have no experience with any of them and so I would not really be able to advise with regards to their use.

  3. My dreads are less than a month old, I use the dreaheadhq liquid shampoo, I was thinking of switch to the dolly locks liquid shampoo when I finish the other. Would it be too softening for my young dreads?

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  6. It really does go a very long way. I wash my dreadlocks every 5 days and only have to buy a bottle once every 6 months.


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