Saturday 30 August 2014

Does Curly Hair Knot Easier? + More! (Dreadlocks Q&A #50)

The 50th installment of the Lazydreads dreadlocks question & answer series!

piper lunsford
Question: Does curly hair dread easier than straighter hair? Or does hair type even matter?

Rian Moseley
Question: Ive been looking and looking but cant find any guys with dyed dreads is this some sort of taboo for guys to dye their dreads? Would you ever dye your dreads?

Alannah Reischl
Question: hello! I recently back combed all of my hair (about a week ago) and see that most of the 'dreads' are falling out, badly. I have fine hair, would that have an effect at all? Should I put some sort of gel in it to keep that hair in?

Question: Would you say that being 16 is too young for someone to get dreadlocks? and would it is better to wait a few more years before beginning the dreads?:)

Leah Christopher 
how to fix dreads that are thick at the ends but regular/thinner at the roots?

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