Monday 25 August 2014

'Forgotten Beads' Instagram Giveaway

A little while back I did a series of dreadlock giveaways for Loving Life Living Art:

Two winners never came forward to claim their prizes and so the beads are back up for grabs!

Up until now all my giveaways have been run through Facebook and so for a change and to give non-Facebook users a chance at winning some beads, this giveaway will be run through Instagram.

Purple Bead:
25th - 31st August

Rainbow Bead:
1st - 7th September

To enter you need to follow @Lazydreads on instagram and then repost the giveaway picture on your own instagram page using the hashtag #Lazydreadsgiveaway and @Lazydreads.

I would also highly recommend stopping by @LovingLifeLivingArt on instagram!

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