Friday 22 August 2014

October's 'Dreadlocks of the Month' video.

A suggestion was made by Abigail Graber to create something Halloween themed - costume ideas for dreadheads. I thought it was a fun idea and I'd like to do something with it so...

I'd like to make October's Dreadlocks of the Month video costume themed! Any dreadlocks of the day submissions that are costume themed will jump the queue and be featured during October. Now there are only 31 days in October so there's a limit to how many can be 'dreadlocks of the day' but I will put every dreadlock costume picture I recieve into the Dreadlocks of the Month video and upload it on the 31st of October.

Not every "celebrates" Halloween so the costumes don't have to strictly be 'scary', just fun and include a dreadhead!

If you have a picture you'd like to submit send it to using the subject line 'Halloween'. Please include your name, dreadlock method+age and whether you have an instagram name you'd like including in the posting

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