Thursday 21 August 2014

Headbanging With Dreads? + More! (Dreadlocks Q&A #49)

Julia Rizzut
Question: I want to dread only some parts of my hair. What do you recommend for hair care (shampoo/ washing) should I still condition the other non dreaded parts of my hair or should I only wash my hair with residue free shampoo! Thank you so much!

samantha frock
Question how old are u? Jw cuz u speak very well but yet dont look very old.

Garrett Smith
QUESTION: my dreads are 9 months old and doing good. i am a young metal head and i like to headbang. will headbanging be bad for my dreads, because they will be whipping around fast and they are still new? i just dont want to damage the roots. thanx! \m/

Anna Wedolowski
Question, i started neglect dreads about a month ago and in another month i am going to prom so i wondering if by then they'll be to crazy looking to make them look somewhat decent and if i where to curl the dreads would there be any negative affect on them?

Katie Roberts
Is there a way to keep really young dreads from growing together? Mine are 3 months old and this is my biggest problem

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