Sunday 22 June 2014

Partial Dreadlocks Information

What are partial dreadlocks? Why would someone have partial dreadlocks? How do you create partial dreadlocks? How do you wash partial dreadlocks? How do you care for partial dreadlocks?


  1. I am ready to start my dread journey! However, a few questions: I have well water, does that affect the dreading process? Also, if I get partial dreads do they grow along with my not dreaded hair?

    1. You may have issues with the well water making soap hard to rinse out.

      The partial dreads will grow as your hair grows.. but dreadlocks shrink as they tighten and so will be shorter than your regular hair.

  2. Okay, Got my dreads!!! I have 6 dreads under some non dreaded hair. I watched almost all of your posted videos ;). I am obsessed with not allowing my new dreads to "mingle" or get locked with the dreads. How often should I be making sure the dreads are not locking my loose hair and how often should I be pulling the dreads a part from the other loose hairs?? (I am constantly touching my hair, my scalp is irritated, making sure this is not happening!) I have oily straight hair and can not go more than 2 days with out washing. I have washed twice now and use a dread soap. Also, will wearing my hair pulled back or headbands do any damage to my young dreads?? Any tips would be great!!

  3. Another question: what are your thoughts about drying my dreads with a blow dryer as I'm drying my non dreaded hair?

  4. I have 2 dreads in my hair and the are placed right next to each other on the right side of my head. I have thin, fine oily hair that doesn't dread well, especially if it gets wet, but I must regularly clean and condition my regular hair. What I do is I use baking soda and water instead of shampoo, it is not as harsh as regular shampoo and still gets the hair c lean in a natural way, I use a good conditioner. How I keep my dreads from getting wet is I take a ziploc baggy and cut a tiny hole at the corner, just big enough for my dread, feed it through and tie it off at the root with a twist tie. It keeps my dread dry, sometimes barely the first inch gets a little wet from seeping in from the roots. Sometimes I wrap and wax my dread to keep it seperated from the rest of my hair. I'm a big fan of putting spikes and hanging charms from my dread.