Thursday 12 June 2014

Crochet Risks? + More! (Dreadlocks Q&A #42)

Episode #42 of my long running dreadlocks question & answer series, where I answer YOUR questions!

Question: What method did you use when you started dreading your hair? 

Holly Bright
QUESTION: I have a month old dreads. I used the twist and rip method, back combed over the top then crocheted. I also put extensions in but when ever I wash my hair the link, which is fairly tight, gets loose and starts to come out, along with my natural hair. I want to wash them but have been avoiding so for this reason. My dreads aren't as loose as I'm making it out to be. They are just a pain in the bum. 

Garrett Smith
QUESTION: i have had dreads for 8 months, and i have a few lumps and loops. will palm rolling help get these out? i read your blog, so i know that you personally dont use wax, but will it help with the lumps to use the wax? thanx. awesome channel.

Question: my dreads seem to be tightening everywhere except the roots, i hav about 3inchs of normal hair until the actual dread starts on some of them ! is there anyway i can encourage my roots to dread up ?? - ur vidz r amazin :P

Sayuri Mei Murasaki
How does a crochet hook damage dreads? 

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