Saturday 10 May 2014

Flat Dreads? + More! (Dreadlocks Q&A #39)

The 39th instalment of my dreadlocks question and answer series - where I answer YOUR questions!

Flat dreadlocks info:
How to remove lice:
Lumps, Bumps + Loops info:

jrom dreads
QUESTION: is it safe for young dreadlocks to get bleached?

Les Betz
Question: young dreads that end up flat by sleeping and wearing my hat at work, will those flat ones eventually get round again or should I palm roll after showering?

Pelican Frog
Question: I don't know about other countries, but here lice is a pretty big problem. I live together with two smaller sisters, and they often get lice from people from their school. I was wondering, if you as a dreadhead were to get lice, if you'd be able to remove the lice without cutting/brushing out your dreadslocks? Like, can those little things get into the knotted dreads? (cause it'd seem like a pain to get them out) Anyway, thanks for reading this.
Mixxie Hoops
question... Dread mourning... how do you deal?

Cass Diaz-Hosa
What are some things you can do to encourage young dreadlocks to straighten out? As my dreads are slowly starting to tighten they have gotten a few little loops sticking out. I think part of it is I have curly/wavy hair and as they aren't tightly locked yet the curls are trying to still be there. Is there anything I can do besides forcing the loop/kink back in with a crochet hook, or will that just end up creating problems in the long run? 

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