Tuesday 11 February 2014

Lazydreads - Music Tag!

Here we go! The 20 questions music tag! 20 questions about the artists I listen to, the albums I enjoy and the concerts I have been to!

1. Which bands/artist do you own the most albums by?

2. What was the last song you listened to?

3. What's in your CD player right now?

4. What was the last show you attended?

5. What was the greatest show you've ever been to?

6. What's the worst show you've ever been to?

7. What's the most musically involved you have ever been?

8. What show are you looking forward to?

10. What is your favorite band shirt?

11. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?

12. Who is one musician or group you wish would make a comeback?

13. Who is one band/artist you've never seen live but always wanted to?

14. Name four or more flawless albums:

15. How many music related videos/DVDs do you own?

16. How many concerts/shows have you been to, total?

17. Who have you seen the most live?

18. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

19. What was your last musical "phase" before you wisened up?

20. What's your "guilty pleasure" that you hate to admit to liking?

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