Thursday 13 February 2014

Dreadlocks - Question and Answer #28

This week's dreadlocks question & answer! Each week I answer 5 of YOUR dreadlock questions!

dreadlocks residue explained:
sectioned vs unsectioned dreadlocks:

question. hey man I am getting a frost like look at the tips of my dreads, I was wondering if there is any type of remedy for this? I am using dreadhead hq soap does it have any thing to do with the type of shampoo I am using??? thanks.

PinkZombee Star
Question: is a lot of breakage normal? 

Andrea Gac
Question: i have 9 dreads among my "normal" hair and they will be a year old in December (YAY!) but i have a hard time trying to keep my dreads from adopting my normal hair into them, i don't want to put rubber bands around the roots though. any ideas? thanks!!!! P.S. i dig you and your dreads you are both rad!!!

aron brydie
Question: ive got 1 month old dreadlocks, and i dreaded them myself, but i didnt properly section them, i sorta did, but not in rows, is this bad?

Jesse Smith
My cat has better dreadlocks than me, should I be concerned? 

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