Thursday 19 December 2013

Dreadlocks - Question and Answer #24

Ellie Louise
Question: I used twist and rip to dread my hair a few months ago, but felt pressured by friends and family to take them out :( I haven't used conditioner since then and only wash my hair with a bicarbonate of soda concoction. My hair tends to naturally clump together as it is fairly curly... If I palm-roll these clumps, will they eventually turn into dreads? :)

Question: Can you tell me more about real hair extensions, care and how they affect the dreading process of new dreads? Example: If I choose to use them, will I still go through the loop stage etc? ( I have 1 week old dreads T/R method.) Started with layered hair and considering them to even out length. They are doing great!

Knotty Braydz
QUESTION: Okay, my dreads are 7 months old, and ive been blunting all my tips like everyday so theyre nice and neat. But i decided to go all natural and just stop all that nonsense, so will it look different then neglect dreads from the start, or....?

Question: I've heard that baking soda is bad to your hair if you use it too much... how often do you recommend doing a deep clean? I do a deep clean once every two weeks, do you think i should cut down on the number of washes?

Ryan Miele
how to partially brush out a dread to split it in two?

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