Saturday 21 December 2013

Dreadlocks - Best Time Of Year To Start Dreads?

Okei, so when is the best time of year to start getting knotty?


  1. I just have question about washing dreads. I have three days old dreadlocks now and haven't washed them yet. Anyways. My scalp doesn't get greasy or oily. (It's a medical condition.) When I had "normal hair" I washed it every 2-5 weeks. Depending if it looked bad or if I worked out more than usual and things like that. When my hair got dirty looking it was because of sweatting or because I or someone else had touched it with greasy hands or something like that. But back to my question. Is washing dreadlocks, especially new dreadlocks, important to how fast they start knotting? Should I wash them anyways even if I really don't have the need or should I just wet them every week or just leave them be? Any ideas or advises will be more than welcome.
    Thank you to anyone who answers :)

    1. Oh and before I started my dreads I washed them with umm..pinewoodsoap(?) it's something you use for washing carpets. It's amazing for when you are starting your dreads, though it really dries out your hair...and your scalp. And I was planning on using it till my dreads start to become a little more dreadlocky. But I don't think I can really use it that often because I'm afraid it will dry out my scalp and it will fall off in little peaces or something. So if I get an answer on my previous question that I should wash my dreads then should I get like a shampoo that is meant for hair and not carpets?
      And this isn't even the first time I have dreadlocks. Last year I only had them for couple of months and I didn't wash them at all.

      And by the way your blog and vlogs are awesome and they have been really helpful. Keep up the great work :)

    2. Hi Manna. Washing dreadlocks is mainly to stop them from being greasy, so if your scalp does not get oily, it's not all that important - as long as you're happy that it's clean etc.

      I'm not familiar with the soap... if it works ok with your scalp and you aren't going to wash them all that often then you shouldn't have much problem with it... but I don't know whether it'll leave residue in the dreadlocks or not as I have no experience with it.