Saturday 24 August 2013

Scented mist for dreadlocks

Ok, so one of the most annoying myths about dreadlocks is "you can't / don't wash dreadlocks"... the second most annoying myth is that they stink / smell bad. Dreadlocks will only smell bad if they're dirty.... same as with normal hair and pretty much the same as anything.. The thing is, dreadlocks don't really have a smell at all! Washing with a residue free shampoo or bicarbonate of soda will mean that they have no scent left behind in them after a wash, unlike normal hair which can be washed with scented shampoos and conditioners. To combat this and give your dreads a little bit of scented life you can create a simple spray from water and essential oils. I use the same oils that I use in my dreadlocks deep clean.

Personally I use a small spray-tube that was originally a sour candy spray. After a good wash you're left with a great sized mini spray that you can take around with you in your bag or purse etc. To my water I add 4-6 drops of whichever essential oil I've opted for. Personally I'm partial to lavender. Then I can spritz away and add a little scent to my other wise scentless dreads.

You can use whichever essential oil you like and little vials of essential oils can be found at your local health food store or some pharmacies. As a quick tip - Rosemary is good for dandruff, Tea Tree Oil is an antibacterial and antifungal and Peppermint can help if you need a little cooling behind the ears / neck.

The spray is NOT an alternative to washing dreadlocks and should not be used to cover up bad smells. If you have bad smelling dreads I would first recommend deep cleaning them and then making sure you don't have a residue or mildew problem.


  1. As a woman, I tend to have lots of body mists around, and I was wondering if that would hurt my young dreadlocks if I used that instead of a homemade concoction of sorts?

    1. I would imagine it depends what the mists are made from... but they're likely to be fine, but the homemade ones - or sprays designed specifically for dreadlocks tend to have benefits beyond just the scent which the body mists would be lacking.

    2. Thank you very much! You have been a tremendous help for me! And (if it's not too much trouble) maybe you could do a video that focuses on new dreadlocks? That would be super helpful!

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  3. What is the scent I always smell n dreads it like a Jamaican scent I LOVE IT

  4. Hello i just have a question if theres any way you could mix different essential oils together to form a new spray or something. A friend of mine i think she used tea tree oil, some kind of vanilla oil, water, a bit of vodka, and maybe coconut oil im not sure but the smell is amazing. I just want to know if you can mix more of these things together and that it wouldnt be bad for your dreads