Thursday 22 August 2013

Dreadlocks Question and Answer #11

This week's dreadlocks question and answer session:

T Dougie
Question: How do you get blunted tips to lock up. They keep falling apart.

Question: my dreads are 10-11 months old and very loopy :) I don't mind the loops but some dreads seem i have sections in the middle (halfway down) where the hair doesn't seem to be dreaded but has dreaded hair below and above, will my dreads sort themselves out over time? :) thanks - SketchGTX

question: my dreads have tightened toward the base but the rest of the length is just fluffy, any suggestions?

*Question*Hi! I watched all of your videos so this wouldn't be a repeat. My dreads are super young (only 17 days or so). I always thought my hair was a bit thick but now that I have dreads they are kind of sparse. Which leads to my problem/question. I can see my section lines. Do dreadlocks eventually get thicker leading to hiding the lines and/or add volume? I've done some research on this and haven't found any real answer to it. Thanks :-)-Karin

Nama Steph
Hi! I asked this same question on an older vid of yours, sorry if I'm annoying. I only have one dread my friend put in 2mnths ago. Of course its surrounded by my loose hair. It's been difficult keeping my loose normal hair from growing into it. What do you suggest I do to keep my dread from taking over my whole head? Thanks!

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