Thursday 18 July 2013

Question and Answer Part: 9

Fatima Chavz:
Question: My dreads are only two month old and they are fine but my tips always undread when I wash my hair, what can I do?

Lindsey Mew:
Question: I use Dr.Bronners castile soap and I can't fight off the residue! It's the only soap I'm able to use because of skin allergies (I've tried a couple dread shampoos and they gave me hives) but it's not working for my 6 month old dreads. I use a few drops to 20oz water and dump it on my head then spend 3-something minutes washing it out. But after all this washing and drying my freshly cleaned dreads leave my hands gross and residue-y. What can you say about this? I don't know what to do.

Nicole Whittle:
Question: i have baby dreads, almost 3 months old now, i am trying to let them get on with locking up but they seem really loose, and i feel like they are going to come apart, i don't want to crochet them as i've heard it does more harm than good, is there anything i can do to help them along or will they get better with time? Thanks x

I've been trying to find a recipe for a scented mist for my dreads. Like a dread perfume that isn't going to turn all Moldy or turn into a stink rather than a scent. So far I've been doing Orange Essential Oils (a few drops) into a squirt bottle of light sea salt water. Simple enough. But do you have any methods or ideas for delicious smelling dreads?? Thanks!! ---Jesika

Question: have you ever listened to The Cat Empire? They're an awesome funk/jazz/ska group out of Melbourne, Australia I discovered on Spotify recently.

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