Friday 12 July 2013

Question and Answer Part: 8

My dreadlocks Q&A is back with new questions asked by you!
QUESTION: this is my second time starting my dreads they are actually maturing alil faster sense I did it my myself I don't put regular bees wax I use Jamaican mango and lime resistant formula lock gel/wax don't use it very often and use the dry shampoo you spray on but my question is on some of my locks half is smooth and the ends are natty do I just let them do they own thing or is there something to he'll out????

Fatima Chavz
Question: I have thin dreads but i would like them to be a little more thicker, is there something i can do? i heard that time make them thicker but i don´t know if is true.

Martim Tavares
Question: I started my dreads 3 months and a couple weeks ago and they are not joining in the routes so i dont have to rip them apart, I havent sectioned my dreads so is that a sign that they are not dreading?

Question: if you have any photos of your dreads when you first got them could you show them in the next Q&A video

Fatima Chavz 3 weeks ago
Question: My dreads are only two month old and they are fine but my tips always undread when I wash my hair, what can I do?

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