Wednesday 22 February 2017

Short(er) Dreadlocks...

The follow up to that whole hair cutting thing...

It’s been a couple of months now, and while I thought I might feel a little saddened by losing the length, I really haven’t. I think by far the hardest thing is simply the build up. I’m honestly not quite sure why, I guess it’s because they take so long to grow that you feel some sort of achievement and therefore added attachment?

So, after a few months, here’s the long and short of it (see that excellent pun use, yeah…): my reasons for wanting shorter hair held up: my hair is quicker to wash and dry, weighs less and gets in the way less. I’m a lot busier these days and ever longer hair, especially locked hair simply didn’t fit all that well… works much better now, I’m happy to report.

On a physical level, the ends aren’t all squared off anymore like they were immediately after cutting - some are still a bit… weird, but on the whole I think they’re looking pretty normal. In fact they’re looking a lot tidier on the ends than they did before, and they’re looking tidier than I expected. My previous experience has been that once I’ve cut the dreads, the ends have loosened, frayed and become whispy again after a few washes - in this case they’ve actually stayed pretty blunt looking. They’re not all locked and rounded over at the ends, but they aren’t doing a whole lot of loosening out either. I would put this down to them being so old and locked that they’re just less prone to fraying out after a trim - compared against when I’d trimmed them in the past when they were potentially not as mature.

There’s really not much more to say - they’re shorter and all is well with them. I think it’s quite cool that after somewhat “breaking the seal” and lopping off some length, I’ve spoken to a few other people that took the plunge too, having also held out for a long time, and they’ve also been enjoying the benefits.

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