Wednesday 3 August 2016

Dumbest. Comment. EVER!

It's storytime today and I'm going to share with you what is likely the dumbest comment I've ever received.


  1. I'm dying...

    But this was a good video for me to watch. I just started the dreadlock journey and every once in a while, I get really paranoid about what other people are thinking. Not that their opinion would change my mind, but sometimes things really do just stick with you. So hearing from other people is just a great reminder that you are you, and no one else can influence that if you don't let them.

  2. well......My brother said " yeah, I saw the accident that happened in your head".....I have a friend that she said that if I like them and make me happy she respect that, would she grows dreads? of course not. My grandma said OMG!!!!!! are you crazy? and it got worst when I told them/show them that I was going to grow dreads on my daughter. But of course I really don't care on what they said, life is only one and you should live it the way you like it. I respect others opinions but I also except to have my opinions respected as well. I do like your channel and the way you live your life. If I have a question for you, Where should I posted? Thank you for all your tips, I followed them since the beginning of my dreads.

  3. I'm just starting my dread journey, so my comment isn't about that. The dumbest comment I've gotten most frequently is "You're fat." Like they're trying to insult me by telling me something I don't already know. Yes, I'm fat. Does it bother me? No. Does it bother them? I don't care. They know nothing about me or my life, so their opinions are of no importance.

  4. So you're eventually going to have to shave your head. Or, what's it like not washing your hair?

    ...these people...