Monday 11 July 2016

Too OLD For Dreads!?

So recently I’ve actually come across a few people getting told that they’re too old for dreads and I had to double check as I must have missed the fine print where the age cut-off was specified, seriously. I had a message this week from a very friendly would-be dreadhead who has been deterred because she feels the window of opportunity has now passed.

Too old for dreads, what does that even mean?! On the eve of your 25th birthday you must cease and desist all forms of youthful displays of expression and adhere to a predetermined list of "age-appropriate" interests and activities?

I guess the idea that if you think you’re too old for something, then you probably are may come to mind… but don’t limit yourself based solely on what someone else thinks of it. You’re only truly too old if all your hair has fallen out!

I actually took a survey over on to find out some ages, and you’d be surprised - check the video out to see!

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