Thursday 16 June 2016

White Spots In Dreads?

White Particles In Dreads?

If you’ve had dreads for a while, and especially if you’ve got darker hair you may notice that there are some little light coloured spots on the body of the dreads. These can be, well, kind of annoying, again especially if you’ve got darker coloured hair as they can stand out. What’s happening is that naturally you shed hairs… all the time. With regular hair those hairs get tangled up in your hair brush… clog up your shower drain, etc etc. With dreads those hairs don’t fall out, they stay trapped in the dreads and as the dreads grow the root of those shed hairs slowly move along the body of the dread and they can become visible as a little white spot.

Sometimes you can have quite a lot of them all at once - broken hairs left over from when you started the dreads all moving down the body of the dread at once. My experience is that over time they’re gonna slowly get worn off through daily friction. Some people say they’ve had success sort of softening them up through deep cleaning… but I can’t really say how effective that is. I’ve also come across more drastic measures such as dying the dreads - as that’ll dye the spots too… or dying the dreads by soaking them in tea, and supposedly the white spots get darkened through that process.

I don’t personally have a quick fix for it as I’ve never really tried to fix it… I’ve had them, probably still got some here and there, but I don’t really let it bother me, they aren’t hurting anything. If anyone has a quick fix solution, write it in the comments below! :)

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  1. I have dark red-ish brown hair. I've not noticed these spots, but now I want to go look HAHA. Thanks for all that you do to help us dreadheads!