Tuesday 17 May 2016

WORST. Dreadlocks. Advice. EVER.

Dreadlocks, they attract some interesting bits of advice…

To some people dreadlocks seem strange, foreign, magical, alien… and there seems to be about as much myth surrounding them as there is fact… and it’s the mythical side that we delve into today! 

So everyone seems to have an interesting dreadlock tip… some are useful… some not so much. Today, some dreadlock advice I won’t personally be following. Some of these things are somewhat based on truth and some are, well, kinda nonsensical, but I’m going to list some of the various things people have recommended for me to apply to my hair over the years:

1) Dirt. I get it, dreadlocks are dirty, right? so I should apply dirt… are the dreadlocks dirty before or after the application of the dirt? I’ll be holding off on the dirt, thanks.

2) Ash. Sort of similar to dirt, although to fit better within the dreadlock stereotype it’s often specified that it should be cannabis ash… of course. As I said some of these are somewhat rooted in the real world - and there are cultures where the hair is matted with particular dirts, ashes etc… but, yea.

3) Glue. Wood glue, super glue, paste - I’ve seen it all. Young dreadlocks being loose and messy, obviously a draw to the idea of holding the hair together in someway… I wouldn’t recommend that way to be glue.

Entering the edible section now:

4) Mayonnaise and similarly 5) raw eggs. So I’ve seen some hair mask concoction things for conditioning regular hair that include things like mayo, raw eggs etc… usually conditioning dreadlocked hair is not a huge concern, if you do need to do it however, not sure I’d go with anything egg based… on the scale of best to worst things to get trapped in your hair, rotting eggs probably ranks quite highly.

6) Honey. Good enough for bees, good enough for me…ees. I think the idea here is that it sticks the hair together like glue… but it’s more natural… but yea, sticking the hair together rather than letting it knot together, probably not the way to go… also honey… kinda sticky.

7) Peanut butter. Is this in combination with the honey, or? Again, some sort of sticking the hair together type situation here… not going to be my go-to if I’m honest… not unless it’s the smooth variety anyway… no, in seriousness, keep the peanut butter in the sandwich.

8) Toothpaste. Minty fresh? Not sure what that one is about.

9) Faecal matter… erm, no thank you. Seriously, not even going into that one.

10) Beeswax. Finishing up with the old favourite, beeswax. If you’ve followed my website for a while you’ll know about that one - if not I’ll leave a link to my dreadlock wax feature as it deserves a whole section to itself.Those were my top 10 worst dreadlock tips… please don’t follow the previous advice! Have you ever been recommended to follow any of those suggestions? Have you ever been given an even WORSE suggestion? Let me know!

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  1. I'd like to know who gave you these tips? Very funny!