Friday 4 September 2015


Dreadlocks Question & Answer Episode 64 - Answering YOUR Questions!

Snow Sakura 
Question: Is a natural shampoo a good substitute for a residue free shampoo? Because I don't seem to find ANY residue free shampoo in my country and was thinking if I can use a natural one instead of a regular hair shampoo, which, we both know, is not that good for dreads.

Caleb Lindley
Question: I am planning on starting dreads soon, but I work at a plastics plant. There is lots of fiberglass and plastic dust that dries my hair out and makes it really nasty. So I have to wash it every night. I heard that is bad for new dreads. Do you have any suggestions? (And i don't think wearing a hat will work either, that stuff always finds a way to get through my clothes.)

Lizzie Adam 
Question! Are you Gemini or cancer? Or both? 
You seem like you have traits of both but I'm not certain. 

shelley kane 
question: i live in northern ireland and there isnt anywhere to get dreadlock accessories, do you know of many good websites with good dreadlock accessories and a wide variety? :)

Kyle Irwin 
Question: I started the neglect method about 8 months ago and I now notice that I have a few dreads that are knotted and tight at the bottom bit but from the root to that point is non dreaded hair. Can I just simply back comb these bits ??

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