Saturday 18 July 2015

Young Dreads Loose And Fuzzy? + More! (Dreadlocks Q&A #63)

Episode #63 of my Dreadlocks Question & Answer series - where I answer YOUR questions!

Hayden Douglass 
Question:My dreads r 1 day old 😄 and they r fuzzy and kind of loose at the root. What should I do? 

Question: My hair is naturally very curly. If I were to get dreadlocks and eventually want to take them out, would this change my hair texture or will it still be curly? Thanks

Nazgûl Nebulosa 
QUESTION: I've got freeform unsectioned dreads that are 1 year old and since they're unsectioned they've grown how they've wanted which has resulted in one bald spot because one big dread has consumed too much hair. I know that you don't recommend cutting dreads in two and I would like to know why since I feel it's my only option. I really don't want to comb out the dread and start over since I've reached a year now... :(

Breanna Rose-Arreguin 
Question: Christian what is your birth date? I turned 22 in June as well. Mine is the 19th :)

Question: For the people who may be more nervous about damaging their hair from blow dryers; do you know of any other ways of drying your dreads after washing?

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  1. Question: Need advice regarding motorcycle speed wind (up to 70 mph/112 kph) on my 1 month old (baby) dreads? Would it hinder or help them reach maturity?