Friday 3 July 2015

How Often Do I Separate My Dreads? + More! (Dreadlocks Q&A #61)

Welcome to episode #61 of my Dreadlocks Question & Answer series! You post em' I answer em'.

Abby Carpenter 
Question : How often to you separate your dreadlocks? BTW you're my dreadspiration!

Question: I decided that I want to dread my hair to test my ability to be patient. The only problem is that my hair is in layers, and the longest one reaches my shoulder when straightened. I have really curly hair, and it turns into an afro type thing. Should I wait for my hair to get longer before I dread it since it is so short in it's natural state of being?

Amber Pants
 Question: is it not a good idea to just not wash young dreads till around the 6 month mark or is that bad for them? 

 QUESTION: I'm just got my dreads backcombed, would it help to sleep on a wool pillow case

Max Vitale 
Question: I'm trying to go with the natural/neglect method. Im about 2 weeks in and my hair already smells. Im washing with knotty boy shampoo. Im wondering if i should do a deep clean already or how i could get rid of the smell. Thank you!!!

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