Thursday 11 June 2015

When To Wash Freeform Dreads? + More! (Dreadlocks Q&A #59)

Welcome to the 59th instalment of my 'Dreadlocks Question & Answer' series.

This week's questions are:

Lyndon Watkinson
Question: Is it possible that i could get a nicely scented teabag to put in the sea salt spray as is contains no lubricants? Cheers

robert ruiz
Lazy dreads rocks :D I have 4 month dreadlocks and was wondering how to keep my tips blunted some stay others get loose, with the crotchet hook I'm noticing split ends so I stopped as soon i as I could help D:

Question: So I really want to start off my dreadlocks soon. But my hair length is weird, my fringe and sides are about 7-8 inches and the back is about 4-5 inches. Is there any point waiting for my back to grow the extra inch or should i just start now?

Santana Arce
QUESTION:Well I just started the neglect or freeform method to my hair a couple days ago an I was wondering what would be a good time to wash it should I wait or is it ok to go ahead and wash it.

Lexy Stegall 
QUESTION: my dreads were done yesterday I'm a girl and my hair is thin I don't have a lot of dreads and I feel like they are huge ! Is it possible to make them thinner or will they thin out? I back combed

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