Thursday 25 June 2015

Dry Shampoo On New Dreadlocks? (Dreadlocks Q&A #60)

Dreadlocks Q & A - Where I Answer YOUR Questions!

00:33 Jai Coleman 
question- i started my dreads usuing the freeform method about 4 weeks ago but not much has really changed do you know what might be happening

01:58 Lyndon Watkinson 
QUESTION: I'm having problems with ordering off Rocking Locks and i was wondering if you knew any other websites which sell good quality items as i am starting my dreads in at the start of the six week holidays and must get some orders in place

03:10 Esvin/Evan 
Question: my friend gave me dreadlocks using the twist and rip method and I find that some dreads are bigger than other dreads and I was just wondering will this effect my dreadlocks in time?

04:16 Montana Ponder 
Would dry shampoo work to keep hair clean the first week of new dreads

06:10 Vito Guerrero 
Question :
How long do you think your dreads would have been if you never cut/.trimmed them ?

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