Wednesday 1 April 2015

My 93 Month Dreadlocks Update!

Dreadlocks update for month 93!
93 months into my dreadlocks journey, checking in for a quick update on what's been going on over the last month. Talking a little about tied up dreads causing looser roots, the shampoo I've been using this month as well as the ever increasing length.


  1. I've never seen anyone actually mention *trimming* dreadlocks, but I've been curious about it. Could I request more info on that? Just found your blog last night and then liked your FB page just now. Also subscribed to your YouTube channel.

    I find I get headaches if I wear a bandanna (folded to be a wide headband) all day, but I do alright if I just tie my dreads back (using my dreads). My roots are... ugh. So I like to cover them. I had root maintenance done recently, but was not thrilled with the results as I have loose hairs again already. I look forward to learning more about your routine through your blog and FB page.

    1. You can find my info on trimming dreadlocks here:

      There can often be some discomfort if the dreadlocks are pulled in directions that they don't necessarily want to be pulled in - though when they're tied back with themselves they're generally not being held all that tight and so will not usually pull as much - well, apart from on the dreads that are being used to do the tying. Over time dreadlocks can sort of 'get used' to being kept in certain positions - the roots will loosen/tighten according to how they're laying / how they're being pulled and so the discomfort should subside.