Monday 20 October 2014

Separating Dreadlocks: Cutting Vs Pulling

Separating is an important, but also annoying and often uncomfortable part of dreadlock maintenance and there are two ways to go about doing it - you can either cut them apart or pull them apart... but which is better?


  1. G'day, I have a quick question about my dreads. They are one month old and have loops absolutely everywhere!! and I do mean everywhere, some have 2 or more per dread. Just checking that this is normal. I don't mind them it's just that most people have said they started to get them around 2-4 months.
    Also, will they go away eventually? (I don't do anything to them)
    Thanks heaps

    1. Dreadlocks shrink up as they tighten. This shrinking doesn't always happen uniformly and so some parts get pushed out, forming lumps/bumps/loops. They're a normal occurrence and a visible sign that the dreadlocks are tightening up. Over time they will usually tighten further and the surrounding hair will also tighten up, but they will usually not go away 100% on their own. The new growth will not contain these lumps/bumps as they will lock as they grow rather than shrink all at once.

  2. well that's good to know about the new growth stuff. Tankyu tumus