Saturday 20 September 2014

Hard Water? + More! (Dreadlocks Q&A #53)

The 53rd installment of my long running 'Dreadlocks Question & Answer' series, where I answer YOUR questions!

Devon Renee
question: my hair is supper damaged from perming it, bleaching it and dying it a ton. 
i really reeeeeaaaaally want dreadlocks but I'm afraid that my hair will just break. what should i do?

Question: when you start your dreadlocks with 6 inches of hair how long will your dreadlocks be if you use the backcombing method? 

question: I'm sorry I think you've already answered this but, I've only had my dreads for two weeks now and I had much thiner hair than I realised and there are only 18 dreadlocks. Do you think this will make it more likely just to clump up into one big knotted mess? 

Jose Mendez
QUESTION: can I put baking soda in sea salt spray? And what do you do during deep cleans?

Joseph Yaden
What is hard water, how do I know if I have hard water, and how does it affect dreadlock progress? 

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