Friday 5 September 2014

Elastic Bands + More! (Dreadlocks Q&A #51)

Episode #51 of my long running 'Dreadlocks Question & Answer' series, where I answer YOUR questions!

Spencer Brown
Question: Will blow drying cause elastic bands to break? I have noticed an influx of breakage since starting to blow dry.

Question: :) please help meeee! Will my dreads stop sticking together like Velcro when they mature more? I've had them for 2 weeks (t+r) and the roots are all quite loose, so they get joined by the loose hair :/ I have to pull them apart everyday, will this stop? Xx 

Garrett Smith
QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: my dreads are 10 months old and are at a few points weaker in the middle of the dreads. its like a folding point. what do i do?!

QUESTION: How wet/damp is too wet/damp to leave your dreads after washing? I'm never completely sure if I've dried them enough.

Les Betz
Question: I have naturally oily hair. What product can be used in a spray to dry my knots out and not cause them to be soft? Sea salt solution didn't work

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