Saturday 16 August 2014

Preparing Your Hair For Dreadlocks? + More! (Collaborative Q&A)

Me and Kristin sit down to try and and answer some of your questions!

In this special Q&A I team up with Kristin, who creates all the music for Lazy Dreads to try and answer some of the most popular questions from the Lazy Dreads facebook page.

Bryan Matott
For someone ready to start the dread journey, what's the smartest approach to prepare your hair prior to actually dreading it? 

Aarohee Aldas
@kristin can we have a different theme song 

Belen Martinez
Is it alright if you use non scented shampoo on your dreads? 

Shaun Speight'y
Question, both. How do you get smooth dreads? Iv not seen any video on YouTube. 

Cimani Johnson
How often should you wash your dreads if your natural hair was bone straight and thin 

Rob Smith 
can she hook me up with a hot norwegian woman?!

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