Wednesday 6 August 2014

Dread-maker directory

Starting your first set of dreadlocks can often be a little daunting, and while many start the process naturally or at home with friends, some feel more confident having the initial starting carried out by someone who has done it all before. It is therefore no surprise that some of my most commonly asked questions run something like "do you know someone in x location that can help me start my dreadlocks".

In response to these questions I am planning on creating an international 'Dreadlock Maker Directory' page on

If you would like to be listed on this page please email the following information to

Method(s) used:
Months/Years of experience:
Website/Page link:
Other contact details:

Please note: I will only list dread makers that will work WITHOUT the use of waxes.

Also: while recommendations are always appreciated - at this time I am only looking for details to be submitted by the people who actually do the work and want to be listed on the page. If you know someone who starts dreadlocks that you think would like to be listed on the page, please refer them to this status

This page while no doubt take a while to create and populate so will be a work in progress for the time being, but I will post up when it's ready to go.

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