Wednesday 2 July 2014

Thin Hair & Dreads? + More! (Dreadlocks Q&A #45)

Clay Kid
Question: I have very fine hair and not a whole lot of it, I'm planning to start dreadlocks soon... So would they be thin or eventually become thick like yours?

Diana Rhoden
QUESTION: I know dandruff is just a big scary word for dead skin cells in your hair, but how do you deal with it, and control it? Will washing dreads more often help keep it at bay? Basically, I would just like a how to on all the ends and outs of Dandruff, and Dreads. Thank you Christian :D

Corey Seropian
QUESTION I decided to use the neglect/natural method and stopped brushing my hair about 3 weeks ago. I have thick, wavy hair and a lot of it has sectioned itself and started to lock. My hair is only 7-8 inches though, and I am beginning to wonder if I should untangle the mess and start over in a year when it is much longer, because messy long hair looks better than messy shoulder-length hair. I fear lots of shrinkage in the next few months as the dreadlocks progress. 

Jake Brown
QUESTION: So i have had dreads for a week now and i want to wash them.  And i have heard from other dread heads mine are to young to wash and i have a lot of loose hair but i feel as if they might fall out i wash them this early? :/

Jack J Daniels
If you had a child, would you let him/her hair grow long and have it dread locked so he/she would be like a mini you? 

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