Sunday 13 July 2014

Everyday Dreadlocks Routine? + More! (Collaborative Q&A)

Collaborating with Kristin Burdal, fellow dreadhead and creator of the music found in the Lazydreads videos to answer some of your facebook questions.

Tieran Karbashewski
What is your regular, everyday routine for dread-care? 

Kaycee Nicholz
Can we see a picture of both of you before dreads? 

Samantha Frock
Made yall decide to dread your hair and what have you learned from the locking experience 

Ad Jackson
best thing and worse thing about having dreadlocks? 

Chelsey Hardin
What animal (or thing in nature) do you liken your dreads to? Like, lion, bear, octopus, tree roots...etc. I ask because when I had them.People always called me a tarantula and an octopus, but if I were to liken them to anything it would have been tree roots. Lol random. 

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