Thursday 26 June 2014

Tidying Dreads For Graduations + More! (Dreadlocks Q&A #44)

question: im afraid my roots wont knot once I dread my hair... and itl just grow out normal.. I see people crochet the roots once it grows out a bit, but I want to just let mine knot on ther own... will my roots grow out dreaded or normal? If they grow out often... and for how long will I have to do it? 

Pauline The Princess
Question: is hairspray a forgiving product on dreadlocks? 
As in: I have graduation pictures in less than two weeks with 2.5 month old dreads. If I use hairspray once to tame it for photos, would a deep clean do the trick to getting rid of the hairspray? 
Love your videos :)

josh Holden
Question:what method did you use?

Lo Got The Dro
question: I didn't section my dreads when i did them, so theres lots loose hair at the roots. can i make more dreads from the loose hair? or should i just let it lock into the existing dreads? peace

Jes Whitelaw
If you were a super hero, what would your super power be? 

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